Monday Circuit Workout


Last week I did my first circuit legs work out. It was challenging, but a great way to work out my legs. Today’s elf challenge was to do a circuit workout. I had a hard time sleeping with all the wind last night so I didn’t get up in time to do my workout and don’t know if I’ll have time tonight. So for my circuit workout today, I’m going to share my leg work out I did last week.

Leg Circuit
9 sets of 20 each per leg holding a 25lb dumbbell in the same hand as the leg your working. I started with my right leg and right arm.

  1. standing lunges
  2. walking lunges
  3. standing reverse lunges
  4. walking reverse lunges
  5. step up bench lunges
  6. single leg-stiff leg dead lift
  7. bench lunges
  8. calf raises
  9. single leg squat

After right leg is done do 50,40,30,20,10 sit ups holding 25lb plate =150 sit ups total Repeat other leg for a total of 180 reps per leg.

Another circuit I really like is the 20,15,10,5 biceps and triceps increasing the weight at each new set. 

Hope you have a fun and fit Monday. Eat clean. Train mean. Live lean. 

One thought on “Monday Circuit Workout

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