i might have overdone it, but i feel amazing

As I’m laying in bed with an ice pack on my back and knee, I’m thinking I might have overdone it a little today. I feel absolutely amazing though.

here is how my day went…
CXWorks core class, 3 mile run on the treadmill(pouring cats and dogs outside), massage/active release therapy for my legs, work, BodyPump Release 75, Sha’bam dance class(got talked into staying after BodyPump, what a silly idea), 2 mile run outside(the sun was out and hank needed to stretch his legs), hot yoga, shower, ice, bed.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I’m so looking forward to it.

A few nights ago I made Cauliflower Pizza Bites for dinner. Got the recipe from Dashing Dish. I altered it a little. I omitted the mini turkey pepperonis since I don’t eat meat and I added a small handful of mixed italian cheeses to make it a little more cheesy. I ate it with a side of marinara for dipping. So delicious, so fun and so cute.

I signed up to receive weekly organice produce deliveries and got my first one last night. It was like a kid at the candy store opening the box. My roommate and boy were rolling their eyes thinking I was a little crazy, maybe I am, but I love my veggies! The organic spinach and rainbow chard is GREAT for juicing. The apples, strawberries and oranges are so flavorful and juicy, like nothing i’ve eaten before. And there were a few little donut peaches, not only are they adorable, but so tasty!

Excited to try out my new produce I made a Garden Juice which consisted of: spinach, rainbow chard, cucumber, celery, carrots, red bell pepper, sweet potatoes, oranges and ginger. So good and so filling.. wasn’t hungry again until mid afternoon.

I’ve tracked 12 miles towards my marathon training this week with 5 more to go on Saturday. The training has been going well so far as long as I remember ice and foam rolling. Excited to rest tomorrow and see how sore I am in the AM.


Monday Blues… Oh wait it’s tuesday

What a weekend. It sure does feel good when it feels like the weekend lasted longer than the work week. I tried to stick to my advice of being carefree, but besides eating mexican 2 days in a row, drinking a few beers and staying up really late on a sunday it felt like a pretty normal weekend.

4 mile run in the sun(pic above), body pump, blue skies, lake union, salmon, paddleboarding, babies, mariners, mexican food, beers, good friends, boy, sunburns and family.. that pretty much sums up my weekend.

Day 1 marathon training was supposed to be a 3 mile run on Monday, but I couldn’t move on Monday so I started my training today.  I thought it was Monday all day today so I think that’s fair. Tuesday is a rest day though which I didn’t get so after tomomorrow’s 4 mile run, it will hopefully feel like Wednesday.

I didn’t cook as much as I wanted too this weekend, got sucked into going to mexican twice, can’t seem to ever pass up veggie fajitas and mojitos. but I did cook last night and it was delicious.

Orange and Garlic Sauteed Prawns with Spinach, Tomatoes, lemon-parsley pasta(gluten-free) and parmesan.
1lb Prawns – de-vined and rinsed
1 tbsp butter
3 cloves of garlic, minced
1/2 onion, chopped
1/4 juice of orange
red pepper flakes, oregano, salt, pepper (seasoning blend)
bunch of spinach
1 tomato chopped
1/2 cup white wine
1/4 cup parmesan
1lb gluten free lemon-parsley noodles from papperdelle
melt butter over medium heat, add garlic and onions, simmer until translucent, meanwhile boil and cook pasta according to directions, turn to medium-high heat and add prawns and seasoning blend. turn frequently until prawns are light pink, squeeze orange over prawns, add white wine and bring to a boil, once it’s starts reducing add spinach and tomatoes, turn heat off and mix. serve over pasta with sprinkle of parmesan.

Grapefruity Juice (i called it that because it’s all i could taste)
2 grapefruits
1 orange
2 pink lady apples
1 bunch italian kale
2 kiwi
1 sweet potato
1 cucumber
2 stalks celery
4 carrots

so it begins

It’s Friday before memorial day weekend which I’m excited about for a couple of reasons. Memorial day weekend is always my unofficial start of the summer and labor day is the end and summer to me means longer days, bye-bye pale skin and so many outdoor activities. But this year it also means the official start of my marathon training. Training begins on Monday and Im excited and super nervous! I decided this weekend would be carefree, a sort of mini vacation and preparing my body and mind for what’s to come starting monday. I don’t have any plans or expectations just want to go with the flow and not put any pressure on myself. Though I’m sure I’ll hike or stay active somehow cause its going to be nice and I love being outdoors when it’s nice. But I also plan on eating what feels good and maybe even enjoying a few drinks.

Last night I began my yoga practice again and I’ve missed it. My body and mind feel great today and can’t wait to go again. Planning on going once a week to help stretch my limbs in between all the runs.

I think this weekend ill be baking and cooking so look forward to some fun recipes and pictures.

How do you plan on enjoying this unofficial start to summer, memorial day weekend?

busy busy

This week is busy with so many appointments! I have something schedule everyday this week. That is not very normal for me. Monday was a doctor appt to get blood work done to check where my levels are to see what type of vitamins I should be taking since I started eating Vegetarian and Juicing. Tuesday I had my first session with a buddhist psychologist (I could go into detail here, but that could potentially be a completely separate blog post so for now i’ll leave out the details). Today, I met with my back and leg doctor who’s helping me get through my pains of marathon training and later I’m meeting with the nursey director at my church. (I’m going to start volunteering in the sunday nursey twice a month). Tomorrow I see a foot specialist to see why the arch in my foot is hurting so bad when I run and on Friday I get an ultrasound to make sure this pain in my lower abdominal is not a torn tendon or something worse (I’m pretty sure its just a pulled muscle, but doc was worried since it’s been there for almost a month). WHEW! Too much scheduled for one week!

This training for the marathon is no joke. Every time I run something new hurts or a new problem arises. I’m confident I’m doing everything right to have the best training possible and taking all preventive measures to not end up injured, but it’s hard work!

Yesterday’s juice was so delicious I couldn’t wait to share, but I got distracted last night by a good friends company and well a very large cinnamon roll that I know is completely off limits, but entirely too delicious not to try. I’m not even going share today’s juice. I was in the biggest hurry and just threw a bunch of ingredients together, I think it consisted of apples, sweet potato, broccoli, carrots, beet, cucumber, ginger and celery.

Tropical Power Juice
4 Oranges
1/2 Pineapple
1/2 Sweet Potato
2″ ginger
1 mango
1 scoop protein powder (blender with ice)

damned cinnamon roll 🙂

Big Backyard 5k


I woke up on Sunday morning at 7am to a few missed calls from my dad and big surprise that he was going to join me for the Big Backyard 5k at Marymoor Park! If ya know my dad, this was a HUGE and an extremely nice surprise. It was the exact motivation I needed to get out of bed, make my super green juice (saturday’s recipe) and put my running shoes on.

My legs were extremely tired from Saturday’s running/hiking so my plan was to take it easy and just enjoy the run. Though, of course I’m always thinking about my best time and wanting to do better so I pushed myself as much as my tired legs could handle and ended up finishing in 23:49, my fastest 5k yet! I checked today and that placed me 12th out of 483 females and 70th overall. I like 12th, but of course now I have goal to do it in 21 mins 🙂

Here is a couple photos of my dad and hank running, really am so proud of both of them. Probably makes me a silly dog mom and daughter, but it was fun to find them after I finished and finish again with them snapping pictures!


For today’s juice I decided to try something new, I added protein and used the blender and it turned out really delicious and was perfect for my muscle recovery after bodypump this morning.

ImageOrange-Beet Power Juice
2 oranges
2 apples
2 pears
1 cucumber
2″ ginger
1/2 beet and beet greens
2 celery stalks
big handful of spinach/kale leaves
1 scoop protein powder (gluten-free)
add all ingredients to juicer except protein powder. Add ice cubs and protein powder to blender, mix in juice and mix until well blended and drink.
(this recipe made two 20oz glasses. One for breakfast and one for the afternoon.)