Love + Health = Happiness

I can’t believe we are already into the 3rd week of January. It doesn’t help that I spent almost the first 2 whole weeks sicker than a dog. That expression is weird, cause my dog is never sick so I’m not even sure what it means.. but yea starting the new year off sick is no fun! I’m happy to say that I finally feel like I’ve got 100% of my energy back. I feel happy and alive again!


Today I want to talk a little about loving yourself and being healthy! I have found in recent months that making sure you truly love yourself is how you will find the ultimate happiness. What makes me love myself is by working out and eating healthy. Doing both of those things makes me feel good and when I feel good I am happy! When I’m happy and have positive energy then I notice that work gets easier and the people in my life seem to be happier and drive off my energy. This just motivates me more. I want to lead my example so those closes to me can be positively effected by my happiness.

Here are few tips to live a healthier, happier lifestyle:

  • create a workout routine and stick with it
  • never plan more than a week out in advance, take your goals just one week at time
  • plan your meals every week, prep ahead of time so your less likely to eat out when your in a hurry
  • pack your own lunches
  • cut the negativity
  • follow people that inspire you to be a better you

My goals for the week are to workout every day with an active recovery day on sunday and to drink more water. I decided I wanted to try and go to crossfit all 5 days of the work week. I’m going skiing on Saturday so that will be my workout for Saturday and for my active recovery on Sunday I plan to either go to hot yoga or take my dog on a walk. Maybe both depending on how sore I am from my first day up skiing this year. My schedule has been all over the place this week, but I have managed to make it to crossfit both monday and tuesday and have mapped out the rest of my week so I can make sure to fit in a class each day. Now I just have to remember to drink more water! That seems to be a harder task, but I’m finding creative ways to remind myself to drink more water and I’ve started out every morning with drinking a full glass of water before I do anything else.


Track Work Out, Qualifying for Boston?, Core Circuit.

I had my first track work out last night and I definitely felt like the new kid in school. It’s funny what a small world the running community can be. I ended up recognizing a handful of the people from just seeing them at races. We had to alter the workout because there was a soccer game at 6:30 and we needed to be off the track. So we did a 2 x 1 mile splits with a 400m recovery run in between and a 800m recovery run after. My first split I did in 7:20 and my second split I did in 7:01. Since I wasn’t totally sure what we were doing when we started I stayed with a group of ladies for the first split so I could make sure I was doing the right thing. Once I figured it out I did the 2nd one a little faster, only issue is that I didn’t count my laps right on the 2nd mile and I sprinted to the finish just to learn that I still had one more lap to go. I tried to keep the same sprint, but I think I lost it a little. I loved the track work out though and can tell what a difference it’s going to have on my training this year and tackling the NYC Marathon.

I officially registered for the NYC Marathon today. Even though I’ve known I was going to run it since it was cancelled last year, going through the registration put it in perspective and made it seem more real. I was just looking at my training plan for from last year and can’t believe I started training on May 28th! Since I’ve already been running I don’t think I’ll start actually training until after the Rock N Roll half on June 22nd. This year I put a goal time of 3:35:00. Coincident that is the time to qualifying time for 2014 Boston? No! but not sure it’s realistic yet either. It’s definitely a fun goal to try for though.

Normally I run on Thursdays, but after yesterday’s morning strength training and the track work out last night I decided to keep it light today and my body was thankful. I focused on my core today and made sure to sneak in the 100 squats for day 9 of the 30 day squat challenge.

Core & Squat Circuit

Core & Squat Circuit

Core & Squat Circuit
4 sets of 25 each
1. 50lb barbell squat
2a. Right Side Oblique Crunch, holding 15lb dumbbell
2b. Left Side Oblique Crunch, holding 15lb dumbbell
3. Back Extensions, holding 25lb plate
4. 1 min plank, balancing on each leg for 15 sec each during the min and then hold for 30

TGTIF (thank goodness tomorrow is friday) 🙂

30 days and counting


I have just a little over 30 days until the Napa trip for my first half marathon of the year. That means it’s time to get down to business as far as training and dieting goes. This last week had a lot going on and I ended up missing all three of my runs and not eating the best of food. I did the Whole30 diet back in September before the NYC marathon and loved how my body felt after the 30 days and really felt good during my training for that month.


Though I know I can’t dedicate a whole 30 days right now to the whole30 program because of my job and the scheduled spring tastings I’ll have to do. I’m going to do a modified whole30 and eat clean whole foods eliminating grains, sugar, legumes, alcohol, and dairy in my daily diet outside of what I will have to taste for work. I am starting this today and will do it until the day before the half marathon on April 20th.

I am hoping this will give me the focus and attention needed for my training. The cold weather doesn’t help, but I know I need to focus on my running this next month so that will be the plan.

Here is what my basic week of training will look like:
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: XT with my trainer
Thursday: Chest + Run
Friday: Core + Upper Body XT
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Rest

I’m really excited for this next month and even more excited for my trip to Napa! Plus the reward of great food and wine after the half marathon. It will hard work paid off 🙂

Update on the cleanse: I only ended up doing 7 days, it works and I really liked it, but I was causing some stomach issues that wasn’t going to work with my training. I would do it again when I’m not training for a race.

Phase 2! Progress Report

Valentine's Day Dash 5k

Valentine’s Day Dash 5k

To kick off phase 2 I ran the Valentine’s day Dash 5k with a good friend of mine. We had a great time and barely realized we had ran 3 miles because we were just enjoying good conversation the whole run. Running is such good therapy, especially when you a good friend to enjoy it with.

I’m excited to say that I’ve made it to phase 2 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit program. Phase 2 begins 5 weeks into the program and I’m also happy to report that through the 5 weeks I’ve only skipped one day for when I got sick and had no choice but have 3 days of rest. I’ve been enjoying all of the workouts and have felt more and more comfortable in the weight room and pushing myself by adding more weights.

I have also stayed 95% paleo this last 4 weeks and I feel great. I’ve been able to get up on time for my workouts and continue to have energy throughout the day. My body loves protein and vegetables and it’s pretty much at this point what I crave and want. I’m still am battling with my addiction to sugar but it’s been getting better and I’ve been fixing my cravings with healthier treats and it seems to be working.

I’ve weighed myself a few times since I started this program and have stayed the exact same weight the whole time, but yesterday I decided to go shopping and ended up trying on some new jeans and was happily surprised that I have dropped a pant size! I think that is always the true test of weight loss.. Doesn’t matter what the scale says, it matters how you look in your favorite jeans. Mine happen to be these bright orange jeans I bought this weekend.

I’m very excited for phase 2 as I get to add cardio to my routines. Which is perfect timing since it’s time I start phasing running back into my normal routine and get ready for my first half marathon of the year.

Tomorrow is back and cardio day. The program calls for 30 mins on the elliptical, but since I find that quite boring and don’t care for the elliptical I’m going to change it up some. Here is what tomorrow’s workout looks like:

3 sets of 10:
wide grip overhead pullups
seated cable rows
wide grip lat pulldowns
bent over lat pulldowns
one-arm dumbbell row
hammer strength lat pulldown
back extensions
cardio set: 10 min stair stepper, 10 min row, 1 mile run

After my workout I’m headed to Mt. Bachelor for 2 days of skiing so I’ll be missing 2 days of workouts this week, but will get plenty of cardio on the mountain and will probably add a couple at home circuits to my mornings.

I’m excited to share my progress and I’m a true believer that if you focus on eating cleaning and maintain a good workout routine you will be fitter, healthier and happier.

Where does the time go?

Balloons we sent to Sami

Balloons we sent to Sami.

Yesterday marked the 10th anniversary of when my sister left this world and went to heaven to watch over our family. I can not believe it’s been 10 years. Grief is a mysterious thing you go through when you lose someone. The things your mind decides to remember and forget I will never understand. We decided in her memory to go through old photo albums and just try and remember her the way we knew her. I can’t believe how much my childhood I’ve blocked out. It seems that I only can remember the days leading up to her death and everything after. Looking at the pictures of us playing as little kids, holding hands, hugging and even some sneaking shots my mom took of me cheering her on while she was swimming or playing softball made my heart heavy with both happy and sad thoughts. The happiness came from knowing from being able to see how close we were and how much fun we had as little girls, but the sadness came from realizing that I don’t remember a lot of those times and only have pictures to know that they happened. I wish my memory served me better and I didn’t have the view of losing her so fresh in my mind. I want the memories of our childhood together to burn through the memories of my final days with her. Sami was such a wonderful, caring, perfect little sister and looking at those pictures yesterday reminded me how much I cared about her and how I would have done anything for her. A sister bond is unlike anything else. I sure do miss her and wonder what she would like if she was here today, but I take comfort in knowing that she has helped shape the person I am today and that I get to have a beautiful sweet guardian angel watching over me everyday.

A little update with other things going on. I just started Week 3 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Program and I’m feeling really good. The workouts are tougher this week and I’m excited for the challenge. I realized this morning that I need to challenge myself a little more with adding more weight and not being able to get through all my reps. I’m going to try that tomorrow and see if I notice a difference. I’m nervous this week has 2 days of legs and both are pretty intense leg days. I’m hoping to do add in a couple runs this week, but we’ll see how my legs are holding up.

Eating Clean has been going pretty well, definitely harder on the weekends and I find myself being a little more relaxed on the weekends. It’s all about finding the healthy balance. The weekend went by too fast and I have a feeling this week is going to go by pretty fast as well.

Happy Monday! I hope you guys are able to find your motivation to get back in the gym and continue to eat clean and train mean!