30 days and counting


I have just a little over 30 days until the Napa trip for my first half marathon of the year. That means it’s time to get down to business as far as training and dieting goes. This last week had a lot going on and I ended up missing all three of my runs and not eating the best of food. I did the Whole30 diet back in September before the NYC marathon and loved how my body felt after the 30 days and really felt good during my training for that month.


Though I know I can’t dedicate a whole 30 days right now to the whole30 program because of my job and the scheduled spring tastings I’ll have to do. I’m going to do a modified whole30 and eat clean whole foods eliminating grains, sugar, legumes, alcohol, and dairy in my daily diet outside of what I will have to taste for work. I am starting this today and will do it until the day before the half marathon on April 20th.

I am hoping this will give me the focus and attention needed for my training. The cold weather doesn’t help, but I know I need to focus on my running this next month so that will be the plan.

Here is what my basic week of training will look like:
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: XT with my trainer
Thursday: Chest + Run
Friday: Core + Upper Body XT
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Rest

I’m really excited for this next month and even more excited for my trip to Napa! Plus the reward of great food and wine after the half marathon. It will hard work paid off 🙂

Update on the cleanse: I only ended up doing 7 days, it works and I really liked it, but I was causing some stomach issues that wasn’t going to work with my training. I would do it again when I’m not training for a race.


Spring running


I’m excited that its day light savings this weekend that means we are that much closer to spring! Warmer weather, longer days, less rain (hopefully). It also means time to start planning my spring races and to figure out my training programs. I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed up for my first half marathon of for the year in Napa Valley, California! I’ve only been to Napa once and we were just driving through on our way somewhere else, so I’m so excited to stay for a few days and enjoy all of what wine country has to offer.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.37.10 AM

The half is on April 21st, so I’ve put together my training program for this first race. This race I just want to have fun with and enjoy every mile and use this race as the starting point for the rest of the season and to set my PR for my next half and eventually figure out my pace for the NYC marathon later this year.

I’m in my 2nd week of training so far and it’s been going well. I haven’t been able to lift as much as I’ve been getting tired from the runs, but hoping by next week I’ll be able to balance out my lifting and running schedule. I also have an opportunity to lift with a girlfriend of mine a few days a week so I will probably have to alternate my training schedule a little.

First week into the 14 day cleanse and it’s been going good. Definitely on track with how it said it would be. I have found that I’m more hungry throughout the day, but I think that could be a little from the running as well.

It’s supposed to be nice here this weekend so I’m hoping to enjoy my saturday run and hopefully some outdoor fun with my pup.

RawJuvenate 14 day cleanse.

RawJuvenate Cleanse

RawJuvenate Cleanse

I get a lot of emails and daily deals as a part of my job and one caught my attention last week. It was a deal from Raw Green Organics to try there 14 day Rawjuvenate Detox. I looked into and decided it was a pretty good and credible deal and I should give it a try. The package came in on Friday and I decided to start in yesterday.

The detox includes 5 items: a vegan protein powder made from white peas, organic super greens powder, super aloe, super probiotics and super fiber.

The plan: substitute your first meal of the day with this combination and then follow your meals with whole, clean foods. I mixed the powders into a smoothie and then followed the smoothie with the vitamins. I’m on day 2 and definitely am starting to notice the cleanse. I was happy to find that the smoothie is filling me up though and keeping me from getting hungry until around lunch time.

Here is my RawJuvenate Smoothie Recipe:
1 cup frozen mixed berries + a small handful frozen strawberries
1 banana
2 cup non sweetened coconut milk
1 tablespoon Super Greens Powder
2 tablespoons Vegan Protein Powder

Before, I started this cleanse I was drinking a chocolate protein powder post workouts and seem to notice that the extra protein was helping my muscles recover, but without knowing if it’s the “cleanest” version of protein and I know it has ingredients that I would like to avoid. I’m very curious to see if I notice a difference from this vegan protein powder.

I’ll will post my results at the end of the 14 days and let you know if I recommend this cleanse to you.

a vacation from my blog..

I realized I took about a month off from posting on my blog. I have been very busy this month and have been trying to figure out a few things. I love sharing things on this blog that have to do with fitness, health, eating, and the things in between. I want to continue to share my journey to a healthier and happier life. Please forgive me for my absence. It is my March challenge to blog more consistently and share both the ups and downs of this journey.

To start I’d like to share in photos what I’ve been up to this last month.


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Mt. Bachelor Blue Bird Day!


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Dad & Daughter Ski Vacation




Leg Day!


Spending Quality Time with friends