Whole30 Day 4 plus weekend 5k plans

I had a dream last night that today was day 5, but then I couldn’t at my whole30 diary and realized that it was only day 4. Which makes more sense why I woke up feeling like I had drank an entire bottle of wine the night before. I remember this for last time, Day 3 and 4 were the hardest as far as being tired, “hung over”, and cranky. The figuring out what to eat and plan my meals hasn’t been as hard this time around since I’m used to it and it comes more naturally for me than before so that’s made getting through these days a little easier. I know the cravings will get worse before they get better so I’ve made sure to stock up on easy snacks to get through the tough times. I finding that i’m really enjoying apple sauce with a dash of cinnamon and apples with raw almond butter when I’m feeling like a little pick me up. I think the weekend will be a little tough, but I have limited plans am going to focus most of my time on house chores, meal planning and running to keep me busy.

I only have 3 weekends until the seattle half marathon so this saturday i’ll run 11 miles in my training and I also have a 5k race on sunday. I’m excited for the race.. it’s the race I got my PR on last year so I’m hoping to beat it this year. My bf is also going to come watch which is exciting for me since he’s never been to any of my races before.

For my meals this week, I kept it pretty simple. I made a pork roast in my crock pot which has saved me when i’ve been too busy to cook and have been able to bring it for an easy lunch to work. I’ve also been digging this salmon and arugula salad that has snap peas, asparagus, avocado, onion, tomatoes and almonds in and i’ve just been fresh lemon juice and a little hot sauce on it and it’s been delicious! For breakfast I made a batch of pork sausage with onions and apples and just scramble a couple eggs into every morning. Perfect post workout breakfast meal. Larabars and dates have come in handy when i’ve gotten hungry but didn’t have time to make a full meal or just needed a little snack to get through an afternoon. They also make for perfect pre-run food as they don’t give me a side ache.

Just got to stay strong through the weekend and plan my meals ahead for next week and I should be looking good. I’m already noticing the changes and why I love the whole30 and can’t wait to keep seeing and feeling results.

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll give an update on how I did and how my runs go at the end of the weekend.


Track Work Out, Qualifying for Boston?, Core Circuit.

I had my first track work out last night and I definitely felt like the new kid in school. It’s funny what a small world the running community can be. I ended up recognizing a handful of the people from just seeing them at races. We had to alter the workout because there was a soccer game at 6:30 and we needed to be off the track. So we did a 2 x 1 mile splits with a 400m recovery run in between and a 800m recovery run after. My first split I did in 7:20 and my second split I did in 7:01. Since I wasn’t totally sure what we were doing when we started I stayed with a group of ladies for the first split so I could make sure I was doing the right thing. Once I figured it out I did the 2nd one a little faster, only issue is that I didn’t count my laps right on the 2nd mile and I sprinted to the finish just to learn that I still had one more lap to go. I tried to keep the same sprint, but I think I lost it a little. I loved the track work out though and can tell what a difference it’s going to have on my training this year and tackling the NYC Marathon.

I officially registered for the NYC Marathon today. Even though I’ve known I was going to run it since it was cancelled last year, going through the registration put it in perspective and made it seem more real. I was just looking at my training plan for from last year and can’t believe I started training on May 28th! Since I’ve already been running I don’t think I’ll start actually training until after the Rock N Roll half on June 22nd. This year I put a goal time of 3:35:00.Ā Coincident that is the time to qualifying time for 2014 Boston? No! but not sure it’s realistic yet either. It’s definitely a fun goal to try for though.

Normally I run on Thursdays, but after yesterday’s morning strength training and the track work out last night I decided to keep it light today and my body was thankful. I focused on my core today and made sure to sneak in the 100 squats for day 9 of the 30 day squat challenge.

Core & Squat Circuit

Core & Squat Circuit

Core & Squat Circuit
4 sets of 25 each
1. 50lb barbell squat
2a. Right Side Oblique Crunch, holding 15lb dumbbell
2b. Left Side Oblique Crunch, holding 15lb dumbbell
3. Back Extensions, holding 25lb plate
4. 1 min plank, balancing on each leg for 15 sec each during the min and then hold for 30

TGTIF (thank goodness tomorrow is friday) šŸ™‚

30 days and counting


I have just a little over 30 days until the Napa trip for my first half marathon of the year. That means it’s time to get down to business as far as training and dieting goes. This last week had a lot going on and I ended up missing all three of my runs and not eating the best of food. I did the Whole30 diet back in September before the NYC marathon and loved how my body felt after the 30 days and really felt good during my training for that month.


Though I know I can’t dedicate a whole 30 days right now to the whole30 program because of my job and the scheduled spring tastings I’ll have to do. I’m going to do a modified whole30 and eat clean whole foodsĀ eliminating grains, sugar, legumes, alcohol, and dairy in my daily diet outside of what I will have to taste for work. I am starting this today and will do it until the day before the half marathon on April 20th.

I am hoping this will give me the focus and attention needed for my training. The cold weather doesn’t help, but I know I need to focus on my running this next month so that will be the plan.

Here is what my basic week of training will look like:
Monday: Legs
Tuesday: Run
Wednesday: XT with my trainer
Thursday: Chest + Run
Friday: Core + Upper Body XT
Saturday: Long Run
Sunday: Rest

I’m really excited for this next month and even more excited for my trip to Napa! Plus the reward of great food and wine after the half marathon. It will hard work paid off šŸ™‚

Update on the cleanse: I only ended up doing 7 days, it works and I really liked it, but I was causing some stomach issues that wasn’t going to work with my training. I would do it again when I’m not training for a race.

Spring running


I’m excited that its day light savings this weekend that means we are that much closer to spring! Warmer weather, longer days, less rain (hopefully). It also means time to start planning my spring races and to figure out my training programs. I’m excited to announce that I’ve signed up for my first half marathon of for the year in Napa Valley, California! I’ve only been to Napa once and we were just driving through on our way somewhere else, so I’m so excited to stay for a few days and enjoy all of what wine country has to offer.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 10.37.10 AM

The half is on April 21st, so I’ve put together my training program for this first race. This race I just want to have fun with and enjoy every mile and use this race as the starting point for the rest of the season and to set my PR for my next half and eventually figure out my pace for the NYC marathon later this year.

I’m in my 2nd week of training so far and it’s been going well. I haven’t been able to lift as much as I’ve been getting tired from the runs, but hoping by next week I’ll be able to balance out my lifting and running schedule. I also have an opportunity to lift with a girlfriend of mine a few days a week so I will probably have to alternate my training schedule a little.

First week into the 14 day cleanse and it’s been going good. Definitely on track with how it said it would be. I have found that I’m more hungry throughout the day, but I think that could be a little from the running as well.

It’s supposed to be nice here this weekend so I’m hoping to enjoy my saturday run and hopefully some outdoor fun with my pup.

a little training update

I haven’t been able to blog for a few days as I have just been so busy and so tired.

On Saturday, I ran my longest run so far in my training, a total of 22 miles! I was supposed to do 20, but my phone died and I ended up running a little extra. The run was great, I stay hydrated with water and nuun tablets. If you haven’t tried nuun yet they are perfect for hydration on a long run if your body doesn’t handleĀ Gatorade.Ā I personally like them because there is no sugar added andĀ GatoradeĀ seems to always give me a headache and make meĀ nauseous. I ate 3 dates towards the last 6 miles and was exactly what I needed to get me through. It’s nice having a better idea of what I’ll need come race day. The only thing I’m nervous about is the mental challenge of the last 6 miles. Once I knew I was close to being done, I zoned in on how bad my body hurt, from my toes to my legs to my core, to my back. It seemed like every part of my body hurt and I just wanted to quit. I’m hoping the energy of the crowd at the marathon will help get me through those last few miles.

After the 20 miler, I had decided I really needed to focus on strengthening my core this week as that was my weakest element during the long run. Monday, I focused on strength training. Tuesday, I did cxworks class, Wednesday, a 4 mile run for speed, Thursday, I did cxworks class again and then stayed for the new les mils grit work out. I was going to go for a run after cx, but so happy I chose to stay for grit. I never done it before and I’m here to say I highly recommend!

If your gym offers any les mils classes, I highly recommend giving them try. I’ve been doing bodypump for about a year and it’s great a great full body workout. I started doing cxworks about 6 months ago when they started offering it at my gym. it’s a 30 min core work out, which not only gives you the abs you want, but it really helps with posture, mobility and strength. Today was my first time ever doing grits, which is a 30 min high intensity work out. At my gym it’s an up charge, but it’s so worth it. I worked my cardio harder in that 30 mins than I would have in a 6 mile run. For those of you participating in the 30 mins of fitness a day, the cxworks class or the grits class would be an awesome way to get your 30 mins of fitness in. I’m going to do it again tomorrow, I think the high intensity training is the perfect missing link to what I needed for my marathon training. Between this class and the cxworks, my long runs should be a lot stronger. I’m running a half marathon on Saturday for my training run and I plan to do it for time. Hopefully these classes will help improve my time.

Sorry for the rambling of all my fitness, I’m just so passionate about exercise and as I get closer to the marathon I’m learning the type of training I’m needing and hoping by sharing it’ll help you as well.

All this fitness talk, makes me hungry. Here’s a recipe of the short ribs I made:

Tomato-Balsamic Glazed Short Ribs (Slowcooker)
2-3lbs short rib
4 smashed garlic cloves
1 can tomato sauce
4 Dates
1/2 cup balsamic vingar
season and brown the meat and put all ingredients in slow cooker for 6 hours on low. I ate them with cauliflower mashed potatoes andĀ sautĆ©edĀ carrots and celery.
a note about the seasoning: could just do salt and pepper, I decided to make my own spice blend with salt, pepper, cinnamon, sage, rosemary and paprika