Whole30 Day 4 plus weekend 5k plans

I had a dream last night that today was day 5, but then I couldn’t at my whole30 diary and realized that it was only day 4. Which makes more sense why I woke up feeling like I had drank an entire bottle of wine the night before. I remember this for last time, Day 3 and 4 were the hardest as far as being tired, “hung over”, and cranky. The figuring out what to eat and plan my meals hasn’t been as hard this time around since I’m used to it and it comes more naturally for me than before so that’s made getting through these days a little easier. I know the cravings will get worse before they get better so I’ve made sure to stock up on easy snacks to get through the tough times. I finding that i’m really enjoying apple sauce with a dash of cinnamon and apples with raw almond butter when I’m feeling like a little pick me up. I think the weekend will be a little tough, but I have limited plans am going to focus most of my time on house chores, meal planning and running to keep me busy.

I only have 3 weekends until the seattle half marathon so this saturday i’ll run 11 miles in my training and I also have a 5k race on sunday. I’m excited for the race.. it’s the race I got my PR on last year so I’m hoping to beat it this year. My bf is also going to come watch which is exciting for me since he’s never been to any of my races before.

For my meals this week, I kept it pretty simple. I made a pork roast in my crock pot which has saved me when i’ve been too busy to cook and have been able to bring it for an easy lunch to work. I’ve also been digging this salmon and arugula salad that has snap peas, asparagus, avocado, onion, tomatoes and almonds in and i’ve just been fresh lemon juice and a little hot sauce on it and it’s been delicious! For breakfast I made a batch of pork sausage with onions and apples and just scramble a couple eggs into every morning. Perfect post workout breakfast meal. Larabars and dates have come in handy when i’ve gotten hungry but didn’t have time to make a full meal or just needed a little snack to get through an afternoon. They also make for perfect pre-run food as they don’t give me a side ache.

Just got to stay strong through the weekend and plan my meals ahead for next week and I should be looking good. I’m already noticing the changes and why I love the whole30 and can’t wait to keep seeing and feeling results.

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll give an update on how I did and how my runs go at the end of the weekend.


Paleo Strawberry & Spinach Salad Recipe!

What a crazy week I’ve had so far! I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday. It’s been a good week for my workouts and running. I’ve been able to run more miles this week and try some new workouts so it’s been a lot of fun.

I was able to set a new PR during last night’s track work out running 4 miles at 7:47 pace! I was dying and don’t think I could keep that up, but it was sure fun to push myself and get a good workout in.

The evenings have been really nice here so I’ve been wanting to stick to only using my BBQ and cooking light along with it. Last night I grilled a steak and paired with it a lovely spinach and strawberry salad. It ended up being one of those salads that is just so good I had to share it with you guys.

Strawberry & Spinach Salad

Strawberry & Spinach Salad

Strawberry & Spinach Salad with apple cider-dijon vinaigrette
1 bunch spinach
4-6 cut strawberries
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/2 sliced and grilled red onion
small handful of toasted sliced almonds
For the Dressing…whisk or blend the following ingredients and drizzle over salad
1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp dijon mustard
salt & pepper


I’m planning on making it again tonight, but adding a little cooked bacon as my protein.

Today’s workout was a circuit of hips, core, and shoulders. It was a quick and fun 45 min work out and was a perfect cross-training day. Tomorrow is an easy 3 mile run with 150 squats for day 17 of the 30 day challenge! I’m running Saturday and am doing The Color Run 5k on Sunday so wanted to keep tomorrow light since I won’t have a dedicated rest day this week.

I’m back from the biggest city ever.

I’ve been back for almost a week from the biggest city I’ve ever seen. I have been trying to get my life back on track, find my balance between exercise and eating healthy. I started this blog as an outlet to talk about my training for the biggest marathon in our country only to find out the day I was leaving that it had been cancelled. Of course, I felt for the victims of Hurricane Sandy and wanted to do anything I could do to help, including a few of my personal friends who lost everything, but I also couldn’t shake the feeling of how disappointed, shattered I felt that the marathon I had worked so hard for, been so disciplined, started this blog about had been cancelled so close to the end. My bags were packed and since I was still in shock from the news, I just went into auto-pilot and kept going about my travels as if nothing had happened. When I got to NYC the emotions finally set in. I was sleep deprived and overwhelmed by such a beautiful city and finally let go. As we walked the city for hours waiting to be able to check into our hotel, the amount of runners from all over the world taking on the city was unbelievable. I think “surreal” was the word I kept using. I realized that the only thing I wanted to be doing that day was running. Once we were able to check into our hotel it’s exactly what I did. I was able to convince a few others to join me and we set out from our hotel to conquer central park. The feeling being on the streets of NYC was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and I was assuming it’s how I would have felt on marathon day.  I ended up running around 12 miles, my phone died so wasn’t able to track the miles, but they were the best miles I’ve ever run. I so badly wanted to run on marathon sunday and join the other thousands of runners who decided to run and help out sandy victims. I unfortunately was up for a good 48 hours before I went to sleep on Saturday night and only slept for about 5 hours before I was up again on Sunday and I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I avoided central park at all cost that day as I know how hard it would have been for me to see all the runners and not be there. I ran again on Monday and realized that I love it. Not just that I was doing the NYC marathon, but running in general. It eases my mind, a personal therapy I’ve always needed and never knew existed before this year.

(A picture of the finish line, 2 days before the cancelled race)

As most know, I really got serious with this training. Stop drinking, ate strictly vegetarian for a while and then switched to paleo, put a hold on my social life, ran my ass off in all sorts of weather conditions, took on strength training and hot yoga. Dealt with many pains and injuries as a runner. And all of this was so I could run the marathon and reward myself of all my hard work with a 10 day trip to the biggest and best city in our country. Since there was no marathon, I was struggling with this. It didn’t feel right to enjoy the city without the reward. While all my co-workers were thoroughly enjoying all the foods and drinks the city as to offer I was feeling guilty, that I haven’t earned it yet. It took me a few days and lots of motivation from my fellow co-workers to show me that it was absolutely okay for me to still enjoy NYC and that I still earned the trip.

By Wednesday, I was thoroughly enjoying my trip with these wonderful ladies at my side. We went to many museums, stood on top of the empire state building and rockefeller center at sunset, took a ferry to ellis island and the statue of liberty, visited ground zero and the 9/11 memorial, walked for miles, ate delicious food and shopped! It turned out to be a really great trip, one I won’t forget and now I’m even more excited as an “experienced” new yorker to take on the NYC Marathon next year! 🙂

I changed my flight to come home early as I was just so overwhelmed and ready to come back and start my training again. I signed up for the Seattle Marathon next weekend on Nov. 25th. Now that I’ve been back a week, I’m not sure signing up for the marathon was a great idea. I have mentally checked out of running, had already planned on taking some time off running after NY to enjoy weight training, swimming and holiday parties. It’s still dark when I leave for work and dark by the time I head home so running has been the last thing I’ve wanted to do. I’ve ran only 4 miles since I’ve been back and spent 2 days at the gym. Tomorrow I’ll run 10 miles and try and get another 8-10 in through the week next week. The Seattle Marathon is hilly and cold, I have only a goal of finishing. I will not worry about the time. I do not want to injure myself and I’m considering this marathon more as an astrics to put all my hard work to bed and get me ready for the NYC marathon next year. I never thought I’d do a marathon, now I’ll be doing 2.

As I took the bus into work this morning, I realized through my excitement of just wanting to be home, I missed my dog and my boyfriend so much that nothing seemed better than coming home come last sunday, but now after being settled for a week. I miss the quickness of new york. I miss all the cabbies. I miss the good food and walking. I miss central park. It’s an overwhelming city, but one I think I could get used to if given the opportunity.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my trip as I go about finishing my Friday. I’m sorry for the longer post, but I’ve missed writing and talking to you all.

NY BAGEL SANDWICHRoy LichtensteinNaked Cowboys

damn you sandy, keep calm and be confident

My thoughts go out to all my friends and fellow bloggers living on the east coast who have been effected by hurricane sandy. I’m anxiously waiting to see how the day goes on and hope for positive information about the clean up efforts. My dad was supposed to be leaving today for New York, but if he did he would be stuck at the airport as he wouldn’t be able to get to long island and there isn’t a house that isn’t flooded or with power for him to stay. I’ll be arriving in New York Saturday morning and I just hope by then, things will be starting to get back to normal. It doesn’t feel right worrying about the marathon when so many others are worrying about there homes and family.

I’m trying not to let the stress of hurricane sandy and the anticipation of race day coming near stress me out too much. Just trying to focus on staying healthy, eating clean and getting my body ready for the run. I feeling a bit more tired than I’d like coming into the last week, so I’ve taken a few days off from working out and running so I can make sure I’m well rested and ready.

Below is the tip of the week for the last week of marathon training. I’m trying to focus on all 4 points, starting tomorrow I’ll be packing and getting last minute things in order.


This week is all about you! Put yourself first and let everyone else fend for themselves. Feel confident and positive. Being well fueled and rested is your ONLY goal this week. Here’s how:

1) You are ready to run: Remind yourself that you have trained long and hard for this day. You put in the necessary training and are ready to tackle the marathon.

2) Minimize the to-do list: By now, your packing should be underway. Don’t start any new projects this week, at home or at work. Do what you need to do, but don’t go overboard!

3) Breathe: When you feel anxious or nervous, relax with breathing exercises. Breathe in and out as slowly and deeply as possible. Focus your attention on the breathing and positive, calming images.

4) Stay off your feet:  This is the week to spare your feet. Catch up on movies, books, and sleep.



Finding Balance

I’ve been a bit off this week and have been trying to figure out why. I think a lot of it has to do with having balance. I have been needing to learn the balance between diet and exercise and when it’s okay to enjoy something less healthy or miss a work out. I get so down on myself when I miss a workout and then if I eat crappy that day too then you might as well call the day ruined. I found myself having two days like that this week and just couldn’t pull myself out of the rut.

I do so good on programs like the whole30 because there is no cheating and nothing to feel guilty or off balanced about, but then when your not on any strict diets and your just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s hard to get past the guilty feeling when you have an off day. Especially when you’ve spent the time learning so much about food and exercise and know exactly that eating that candy bar or cookie or whatever it is isn’t going to make you feel good or healthy. So why do we do it? and How do we do do it wihout feeling guilty afterwards?

I have 6 more days until I run in the NYC city marathon that I’ve spent the last year training and getting ready for and I think it’s messing with me mentally. I just so ready for it to be done and being in the “tapering” period can mess with you. I wanted to spend this last week on strenght training my legs, but found myself only working out 3 days and only 1 day on my legs because I just felt so tired and didn’t want to wear myself out right before the marathon.

I woke up today finally feeling like myself again and figuring out that what I’ve been missing all week is balance. During this final week before the marathon, I am going to focus on stretching and flexibility and rest, both mentally and physically. I want to be 100% ready when I get to NYC and I know if I push it this week, it might push me over the edge. I’ve worked too hard to have that happen.

When I get back from the marathon I’m going to focus on strenght training Dec-Feb until I decide if I want to run again or maybe do a triathlon so I signed up at a gym to work with a trainer once a week to help push my weights to a new level. The gym offers monthly fitness assesments on the last saturday of every month so I thought it was perfect timing do a fitness assement before the marathon and then I’ll do again at the end of November to see what my goal will be going into my December Strength Training Challenge.

Since it’s my first time doing a fitness assesment, I thougtht I’d share my results with you. By the way, not sure if it hinder or made it better, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into so I went to a grit class at my gym before the fitness assessment where we had to do 2 min plank, 3 sets up 16 pushups, deadlifts, burpees and squats so I’ll be intersted to see how I do next time without doing that first.

Height: 5’4
Weight: 114.4 (in clothes)
BodyFat %: 15.5
lbs Muscle: 94.38
Water Weight %: 60.1
Chest(in): 31.375
Waist(in): 26.375
Hips(in): 33
Sit and Reach(cm): 38

Plank: 2:09
Wall Sit: 1:46
Push-ups: 21
Leg Press (1.5x body weight/160lbs): 9
Pull-ups (.5 body weight/60lbs): 5
Burpees (1 min): 21
1 Mile Run: 7:45
1000m Row: 5:02

They measure your fitness on a point system so my total points were 143. My trainer said a good goal for next time was to try and get the 150 club. So I’ll update you guys after thanksgiving with my new fitness assessment.

To make sure I have balance this week and nice relaxing week before the marathon I’m going to focus on staying paleo, doing hot yoga, a few warm up runs, getting my list together for everything I need for NYC and try not to let my last week of work stress me out.

I’ll check in before I leave for NYC and of course I can’t wait to share my marathon results so look foward to a NYC post early next week. Can’t believe the countdown is nearing the end!