Whole30 Day 4 plus weekend 5k plans

I had a dream last night that today was day 5, but then I couldn’t at my whole30 diary and realized that it was only day 4. Which makes more sense why I woke up feeling like I had drank an entire bottle of wine the night before. I remember this for last time, Day 3 and 4 were the hardest as far as being tired, “hung over”, and cranky. The figuring out what to eat and plan my meals hasn’t been as hard this time around since I’m used to it and it comes more naturally for me than before so that’s made getting through these days a little easier. I know the cravings will get worse before they get better so I’ve made sure to stock up on easy snacks to get through the tough times. I finding that i’m really enjoying apple sauce with a dash of cinnamon and apples with raw almond butter when I’m feeling like a little pick me up. I think the weekend will be a little tough, but I have limited plans am going to focus most of my time on house chores, meal planning and running to keep me busy.

I only have 3 weekends until the seattle half marathon so this saturday i’ll run 11 miles in my training and I also have a 5k race on sunday. I’m excited for the race.. it’s the race I got my PR on last year so I’m hoping to beat it this year. My bf is also going to come watch which is exciting for me since he’s never been to any of my races before.

For my meals this week, I kept it pretty simple. I made a pork roast in my crock pot which has saved me when i’ve been too busy to cook and have been able to bring it for an easy lunch to work. I’ve also been digging this salmon and arugula salad that has snap peas, asparagus, avocado, onion, tomatoes and almonds in and i’ve just been fresh lemon juice and a little hot sauce on it and it’s been delicious! For breakfast I made a batch of pork sausage with onions and apples and just scramble a couple eggs into every morning. Perfect post workout breakfast meal. Larabars and dates have come in handy when i’ve gotten hungry but didn’t have time to make a full meal or just needed a little snack to get through an afternoon. They also make for perfect pre-run food as they don’t give me a side ache.

Just got to stay strong through the weekend and plan my meals ahead for next week and I should be looking good. I’m already noticing the changes and why I love the whole30 and can’t wait to keep seeing and feeling results.

Enjoy your weekend! I’ll give an update on how I did and how my runs go at the end of the weekend.


Big Backyard 5k


I woke up on Sunday morning at 7am to a few missed calls from my dad and big surprise that he was going to join me for the Big Backyard 5k at Marymoor Park! If ya know my dad, this was a HUGE and an extremely nice surprise. It was the exact motivation I needed to get out of bed, make my super green juice (saturday’s recipe) and put my running shoes on.

My legs were extremely tired from Saturday’s running/hiking so my plan was to take it easy and just enjoy the run. Though, of course I’m always thinking about my best time and wanting to do better so I pushed myself as much as my tired legs could handle and ended up finishing in 23:49, my fastest 5k yet! I checked today and that placed me 12th out of 483 females and 70th overall. I like 12th, but of course now I have goal to do it in 21 mins 🙂

Here is a couple photos of my dad and hank running, really am so proud of both of them. Probably makes me a silly dog mom and daughter, but it was fun to find them after I finished and finish again with them snapping pictures!


For today’s juice I decided to try something new, I added protein and used the blender and it turned out really delicious and was perfect for my muscle recovery after bodypump this morning.

ImageOrange-Beet Power Juice
2 oranges
2 apples
2 pears
1 cucumber
2″ ginger
1/2 beet and beet greens
2 celery stalks
big handful of spinach/kale leaves
1 scoop protein powder (gluten-free)
add all ingredients to juicer except protein powder. Add ice cubs and protein powder to blender, mix in juice and mix until well blended and drink.
(this recipe made two 20oz glasses. One for breakfast and one for the afternoon.) 

jello knees and new shoes

Whew! What a day. I woke up this morning determined and motivated to have a good work out. So I made my Green Power Juice (recipe below) and headed to the gym for body pump. The squat and lunge tracks were harder than usual or maybe it’s because I added more weight today, but my legs were shaking when I was done! The sun was shining bright this morning when I left body pump and I had this running route in my head that I wanted to try so I finished my juice, put on my sunglasses and started to run. I’m not sure at what mile I started feeling like forrest gump, but I had great music, sun on arms and a nice pace that I just didn’t want to stop so I ran right past my stopping point and just kept going. Ran a total of 8 miles (my longest run yet!) and it felt so great. My feet hurt during the last mile so I made a pit stop on my way back to my car to footzone for some advice and ended up getting new running shoes! Which feel like slippers and I didn’t want to take them off today.

As if 8 miles weren’t enough, I decided to join a friend for a hike up Little Si this afternoon. I actually did better than I thought, my legs held up for the 5 miles round trip. 13 miles on my feet exercising in one day, I call that success! My legs are jello now though and I’m a bit concerned how they will hold up for the 5k race I signed up for tomorrow.

Yesterday I bought produce for my juices.. A LOT 🙂 Excited to try some new juices!




Saturday Green Power Juice