February Plans

So True!

So True!

I can’t believe it’s February already. The days just seem to keep on flying by. I’m in week 4 of the LiveFit Program and am still loving it. I had sort of an off week this last week though as I came down with a super nasty cold and wasn’t able to eat on a routine schedule or work out for a few days.

I think everyone at the beginning of each year sets a bunch of goals, some realistic and some not so realistic. I did a combination of both and now that the first month is behind me I am refocusing and making minor tweaks to make sure I’m successful. I didn’t run nearly as much as I wanted to or plan to in January, but I think that’s okay as I have a long year of running planned and don’t want to burn out. Plus I was able to focus a lot more on strength training and now I’m getting a lot more comfortable and should be able to find balance between both.

I’m running a run valentine’s day 5k this weekend with some girlfriends. It’ll be nice to get back into running in a casual way and it will mark the start of my training season. I’m looking at scheduling my first half marathon by the end of this month at the lastest for sometime in March/April. Just need to do decide if I want to do one close to home or find a destination. Hopefully, I’ll be able to figure that out soon.

My boyfriend is out of town on business this month, first time really being away from him for awhile and I’m super sad, but going to take this time to focus on me and my healthy-living. I won’t have as many social functions so I’m planning on spending the extra time running, working out, going to hot yoga (I never go anymore and miss it so much) and focusing on my paleo diet. It’s a lot easier for me to stay paleo when I can eat and cook all my own meals at home. The boy doesn’t do the paleo thing and it can make it hard at times when I want to enjoy a night out with him.

Next week I’m headed to Mt. Bachelor to demo new skis.. I can’t wait. It’s the exact mini vacation I’ve been needing. I’ll be spending the weekend meal planning and prepping so I can try and stay paleo while skiing. I’m also hoping to be able to do a few at home workouts before hitting the mountain. I know skiing is good cardio, but I’ll miss my lifting and will want to do something to make up for it.

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy your evenings, I’m off to see my trainer. Can’t wait for a hard workout!

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