Fitness Friday

I have been one busy girl this week. Picking up serving shifts 2 nights in a row on top of my day job and work outs has exhausted me. Yesterday’s rest day was very much needed or I don’t think I would have lasted the 2nd 20 hour day. I woke up early for my work out this morning, but realized I forgot to do something for work so had to skip it and go to work early. As badly as I wanted to skip my Friday work out I knew I had to do it to stay on track with my one rest day a week.

So bring on Friday night work out..

3 mile treadmill run
– 1st mile at speed 6, incline 1
– 2nd mile at speed 7, incline 2
– 3rd mile at speed 8, no incline

– reps: 20, 15, 10, 5 increasing weight each set
– bar bicep curls
– bar pull ups
– dumbbell shoulder press
– tricep extensions

– 50 reps each
– incline sit ups
– vertical knee crunches
– vertical v-ups
– bicycle, reverse crunch, reg crunch
– 2 min plank

Enjoy your evening!

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