Here’s to us.

here's to us


The above quote is one of my favorite ones I’ve come across. When it comes to fitness sometimes we all just need a little extra push to put on our work out clothes and exercise.

Here are a few tips that help me stay motivated everyday:

1. Cute workout clothes – who says you can’t look cute at the gym.
2. Fun work out shoes – your shoes need to serve a purpose and be comfy, but with all the fun styles who says they can’t be hot pink, thank you Nike run!
3. Music – a great playlist always make a work out more fun
4. Daily challenges – I always set a goal for myself and try and beat it (ex: I’m going to do a 2 min plank today)
5. Fitness Peers – I follow a lot of fitness peeps via Instagram, Facebook, twitter and blogs. My scroll through Instagram and I’m ready to get to work
6. Fitness quotes – I love finding motivational quotes. I’ll post them on my mirror or as the background on my phone as a constant reminder
7. Work-out partner – I don’t always have one, but when I do it makes the workout that much more fun
8. Planning ahead – I’ll put my workouts in my calendar as an appt and I don’t usually cancel my appts.

If there is anything that you do to help stay motivated, I’d love to hear about it.

I forgot what it’s like to be sore from a work out, but boy are my legs jello this morning from the squat and lunge track in body pump yesterday. I had to alter my workout this morning, 1 mile warm up run, shoulders/biceps and then cxworks core class for my abs.

I stayed completely paleo yesterday and have the same plan for today. It’s amazing how much better I feel when eating paleo. I’m still having sugar cravings, but I’m staying strong on the Xmas challenge.

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