Day One! Xmas Challenge.

dont give up

Today I start my diet and fitness challenge. I realized I need to call it something so I can reference back to it. I’m going to call it the Xmas challenge. On my last post I talked about the hard and soft limits of the diet plan and little bit of the fitness plan. Lets talk a little more about the fitness plan for this week.

First off, I think starting your day early is the ultimate way to be successful. It jump starts your metabolism and starting your day with a workout motivates you to stay active and healthy thoughout the day and gives you no excuses at the end of the day when your tired and stressed from work to skip it. As a part of my Xmas challenge, I plan on getting up 5:30am every morning and 7am on the weekends.

Today to kick things off I did the 6am body pump class at my gym and after taking a full week off, it was a challenge and I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow. I’ve decided I’m going up bring my workout gear and swim stuff with me to work and keep in my car so I can hit the gym, hot yoga, run or go for a swim at any point during the day.

My planned schedule for the rest of the week looks like this:

Monday – bodypump
Tuesday – 2 mile run, legs and abs
Wednesday – bootcamp with trainer
Thursday – run or swim, legs and abs
Friday – grit (high intensity interval training)
Saturday – grit and/or hot yoga
Sunday- jingle bell 5k

I’ll need to find another day I can do hot yoga. If I can do twice a week that would be great, but since hot yoga will be extra and probably an evening activity, I’m going to plan for 1 a week and if I do more than great. I’m also struggling between whether I want to swim or run for cardio. I’m going to always plan for both and see how I feel.

Each week during the Xmas Challenge I’ll start my week by letting you know what my fitness plan is for the week and then check in with a follow up of how I did and how my diet is going.

I ate a pre-work banana and had 2 eggs and an apple for breakfast after body pump. That was a I need to go grocery shopping breakfast. Lunch will be a salad with grilled chicken and dinner I’m going to make pork tenderloin with vegetables and hopefully make it to the store since my fridge is pretty bare.

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