a thanksgiving break with a marathon to end the weekend!

Post marathon photo, I was so cold!!













Whoa… the last few days have been a whirlwind of emotions and busyiness! I decided I wanted to have a gluten-free and dairy-free thanksgiving this year. That way I could feel full without the unnecessary stomach issues that gluten gives me. It was a huge success! I made gluten-free cornbread and sausage stuffing that was to die for and a pumpkin pie with almond crust. I think my thanksgiving sides are worthy of there own post so that will come later…

I was still happy at mile 18.

What I’d really like to talk about is the Seattle Marathon… I kept going back and forth with my feelings about it and whether or not I was going to do it. I wanted to do since I planned my whole year last year around running a marathon, but I didn’t want to do it because I was never planning on running the seattle marathon and it just didn’t sound to appealing to me so I was having hard time getting mentally ready and then with the cold/rainy seattle weather I was having a hard time wanting to train for it. Well on Thanksgiving morning, I was stil undecided, but I could tell my mood was not great and I had a feeling it was because I had this decision weighing on me. I decided I would go for a run and see if that would help anything. I ran about 4 miles and it felt really good and I thought if I could get out there again on Friday and feel good then I would commit and do the marathon. Well Friday was soo rainy and I just couldn’t get myself motivated to go run in the rain so I opted for weight training at the gym instead. The whole work out I was distracted by wether or not I should do the marathon. By the end of my workout I decided I needed to call my boss who was also contemplating whether or not to do it so we could make a decision together. After a lengthly conversation, we decided we should do it. When we got off the phone, I was feeling good about the decision and was starting to get mentally prepared like I was for new york. The biggest difference though was the need to compete was gone and it was such a refreshing feeling. We decided we would just run the marathon together, however slow/fast we wanted to go and finish it, not for time just for the joy of being able to say we’ve completed our first marathon. It was such a great decision for me, I didn’t realize the joy it would be to run a marathon with someone that you’ve trained all year with.

The marathon itself was hard, I wasn’t as ready as I was before NY was cancelled. The last 8 miles were the toughest 8 miles I’ve ever had to run. My body was not used to that kind of pain and torture. At the same time though it was exhilarating and such a great accomplishment. And like nothing I’ve ever felt before, it was like the biggest weight had been lifted off my shoulders when I crossed the finish line. The adrenaline, fatigue and stress from 8 months of training all finally coming to an end. It was emotional, I’m pretty sure I was a bucket of tears for the last .2 miles into the finish line. I’m so excited that all my hard work and dedication has finally paid off and I can now breathe again and focus on other things.

My friends were so great for coming out and celebrating my victory with me!












My next few post will be about my POST MARATHON plan, thanksgiving recipes, and what’s next for me and the blog. Thank you all for supporting me the last 8 months on this crazy marathon journey. Stay tuned for what’s next with my blog 🙂

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