damn you sandy, keep calm and be confident

My thoughts go out to all my friends and fellow bloggers living on the east coast who have been effected by hurricane sandy. I’m anxiously waiting to see how the day goes on and hope for positive information about the clean up efforts. My dad was supposed to be leaving today for New York, but if he did he would be stuck at the airport as he wouldn’t be able to get to long island and there isn’t a house that isn’t flooded or with power for him to stay. I’ll be arriving in New York Saturday morning and I just hope by then, things will be starting to get back to normal. It doesn’t feel right worrying about the marathon when so many others are worrying about there homes and family.

I’m trying not to let the stress of hurricane sandy and the anticipation of race day coming near stress me out too much. Just trying to focus on staying healthy, eating clean and getting my body ready for the run. I feeling a bit more tired than I’d like coming into the last week, so I’ve taken a few days off from working out and running so I can make sure I’m well rested and ready.

Below is the tip of the week for the last week of marathon training. I’m trying to focus on all 4 points, starting tomorrow I’ll be packing and getting last minute things in order.


This week is all about you! Put yourself first and let everyone else fend for themselves. Feel confident and positive. Being well fueled and rested is your ONLY goal this week. Here’s how:

1) You are ready to run: Remind yourself that you have trained long and hard for this day. You put in the necessary training and are ready to tackle the marathon.

2) Minimize the to-do list: By now, your packing should be underway. Don’t start any new projects this week, at home or at work. Do what you need to do, but don’t go overboard!

3) Breathe: When you feel anxious or nervous, relax with breathing exercises. Breathe in and out as slowly and deeply as possible. Focus your attention on the breathing and positive, calming images.

4) Stay off your feet:  This is the week to spare your feet. Catch up on movies, books, and sleep.



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