Finding Balance

I’ve been a bit off this week and have been trying to figure out why. I think a lot of it has to do with having balance. I have been needing to learn the balance between diet and exercise and when it’s okay to enjoy something less healthy or miss a work out. I get so down on myself when I miss a workout and then if I eat crappy that day too then you might as well call the day ruined. I found myself having two days like that this week and just couldn’t pull myself out of the rut.

I do so good on programs like the whole30 because there is no cheating and nothing to feel guilty or off balanced about, but then when your not on any strict diets and your just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s hard to get past the guilty feeling when you have an off day. Especially when you’ve spent the time learning so much about food and exercise and know exactly that eating that candy bar or cookie or whatever it is isn’t going to make you feel good or healthy. So why do we do it? and How do we do do it wihout feeling guilty afterwards?

I have 6 more days until I run in the NYC city marathon that I’ve spent the last year training and getting ready for and I think it’s messing with me mentally. I just so ready for it to be done and being in the “tapering” period can mess with you. I wanted to spend this last week on strenght training my legs, but found myself only working out 3 days and only 1 day on my legs because I just felt so tired and didn’t want to wear myself out right before the marathon.

I woke up today finally feeling like myself again and figuring out that what I’ve been missing all week is balance. During this final week before the marathon, I am going to focus on stretching and flexibility and rest, both mentally and physically. I want to be 100% ready when I get to NYC and I know if I push it this week, it might push me over the edge. I’ve worked too hard to have that happen.

When I get back from the marathon I’m going to focus on strenght training Dec-Feb until I decide if I want to run again or maybe do a triathlon so I signed up at a gym to work with a trainer once a week to help push my weights to a new level. The gym offers monthly fitness assesments on the last saturday of every month so I thought it was perfect timing do a fitness assement before the marathon and then I’ll do again at the end of November to see what my goal will be going into my December Strength Training Challenge.

Since it’s my first time doing a fitness assesment, I thougtht I’d share my results with you. By the way, not sure if it hinder or made it better, but I didn’t know what I was getting myself into so I went to a grit class at my gym before the fitness assessment where we had to do 2 min plank, 3 sets up 16 pushups, deadlifts, burpees and squats so I’ll be intersted to see how I do next time without doing that first.

Height: 5’4
Weight: 114.4 (in clothes)
BodyFat %: 15.5
lbs Muscle: 94.38
Water Weight %: 60.1
Chest(in): 31.375
Waist(in): 26.375
Hips(in): 33
Sit and Reach(cm): 38

Plank: 2:09
Wall Sit: 1:46
Push-ups: 21
Leg Press (1.5x body weight/160lbs): 9
Pull-ups (.5 body weight/60lbs): 5
Burpees (1 min): 21
1 Mile Run: 7:45
1000m Row: 5:02

They measure your fitness on a point system so my total points were 143. My trainer said a good goal for next time was to try and get the 150 club. So I’ll update you guys after thanksgiving with my new fitness assessment.

To make sure I have balance this week and nice relaxing week before the marathon I’m going to focus on staying paleo, doing hot yoga, a few warm up runs, getting my list together for everything I need for NYC and try not to let my last week of work stress me out.

I’ll check in before I leave for NYC and of course I can’t wait to share my marathon results so look foward to a NYC post early next week. Can’t believe the countdown is nearing the end!

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