i’m a runner.

Yesterday, as I was running around Issaquah I had my first ah ha! runner’s moment. Kind of like the ‘magic’ you feel on the whole30. I’ve been training for the marathon for a long time now and always just knew I had to do it and sometimes my runs felt good and sometime they sucked. But yesterday I really felt this overwhelming feeling of just loving that I was outside, my feet were moving and I knew this was more than just training for a marathon, this was me as a runner. It was a great feeling and i’m hoping I’ll never forget it. If I ever forget why I love running, I hope I can look back at these blog post during my training and remind myself why it’s such a great exercise. It really does help relieve stress, I find myself usually in deep thought or meditating during my runs. I love when miles go by and I don’t even notice.

I’m approaching the end of the my marathon training. I have my final long run this weekend before the taper period and I’m scheduled to run 20 miles. I haven’t ran more than 16 yet, and the 16’s have been really tough so i’m nervous, but i’m also excited. I’m hoping to do a brand new route this weekend and have a few runners with me. Deciding to run train for a marathon has not been easy, but I’ve enjoyed the process and can’t wait to cross the finish line.

A little update since the whole30.. I haven’t strayed from it much. It’s actually a really weird feeling when someone wants me to try something and I’m so used to saying no I can’t have that, that it’s weird to say no thank you i don’t want it. Your mind plays tricks on you a little the first week since you no longer are “cheating” if you want to have a treat. I struggled with some cookies that were brought in the office, but I chose to have a small bite instead of eating the whole cookie or the whole bag! I spent the weekend trying different paleo treats that I was excited I could have after the whole30. I made pumpkin pancakes, zucchini brownies and Blueberry-Strawberry Crumble. I also made a really delicious pork and apple roast. I will share all the recipes with you a little later. What I found, was that even though they were all very delicious, my stomach still didn’t love that it wasnt the healthiest thing I could put in my body. And my mind doesn’t know the difference between a healthy treat and non healthy treat so I found myself craving things even when I was really full. I brought in all the treats for co workers and am trying to fight the sugar demons again and stay away from desserts when i’m craving them, paleo or not. Besides a couple of bites of the cookies, I haven’t had anything non-paleo so I’m happy about that. Really don’t want to bring gluten or dairy back at all if i can help it.

4 thoughts on “i’m a runner.

  1. I started following you when I was running, I found you inspirational. Then I saw you were doing the whole30 thing, and after checking it out, I’ve realized that it is awesome and the perfect challenge for me. You are inspiring, so thanks for that!!! I’m only on day 4, and it sucks right now, but seeing your posts helps me through it. 🙂

    • Ahh Kate, that makes my day! Please feel free to ask me any questions on your 30 day journey. I’m here to help! Day 4-7 were the tough days for me, after that it got easier and reminded me exactly why I decided to do it. I’m so happy my blog has inspired you. 🙂

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