DAY 30!!! and 30 Days until NYC!!!

Day 30 went a little like this..

I woke up for the first time in 30 days on my own, with no alarm clock at 5:30am! I felt rested and ready to get out of bed. I was happy at 5:30 in the morning. I ate my morning banana, which I do every single day as I drove to do my run. It was a cold morning and as I pulled in the parking lot of the gym I contemplated doing my run on the treadmill, but fought against it.

I ran 5 1/2 miles averaging a 7:30 pace per mile, what! My normal average pace is 9:30. First, I 100% credit Whole30. Secondly, I credit a little to how cold it was cause I kept thinking if I run fast then I’ll warm up, but to run that fast for almost 6 miles is not normal for me. My legs usually tire out after a mile.

After my run I was so excited. I went into the gym to take my post 30 photo and finally weigh myself. I didn’t weigh myself on Day 1 because I forgot, but the last time I weighed myself was probably sometime mid-august and I was shocked to see that I lost 4lbs! I have felt like I’ve been gaining weight – muscle not fat – the last few days so it was a surprise to see that I’ve managed to get to my comfortable weight with gaining as much muscle as I have.

I’m not one to share measurements very often, but for the sake of the whole30 and to give you a better idea of what is my normal. I’m 5’4 with a small frame and my average weight from 16-21 was 110, from 21-24 I fluctuated from 120-138 which was my heaviest and when I felt most uncomfortable. Today, on day 30 I’m a comfortable, fit, healthy 109. I don’t care about the number though and don’t plan on weighing myself again until after the marathon. I don’t think it’s healthy to obsess about the number you weight. What’s important is how you feel and what you eat. If you maintain a well-balanced diet and exercise program then the number on the scale shouldn’t matter and you just feel good.

The picture on the left was taken on our last day of vacation in Maui Last year on Oct 1st, only thing about that picture i’m jealous of is my tan. What a difference a year can make with a lot of hard work and dedication!

The rest of my day was full of energy, I never once wanted to stray from the whole30 plan or think about foods I want to reintroduce. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve been making and craving sweet potatoes like they are candy. I’m excited to try even more fun paleo things over the next month and to keep sharing treats, recipes, stories with you.

I’m so excited about this experience and that I’m able to share my story. If anyone has any questions about the whole30 or wants more details I’m happy to share. It’s a great program and I now understand why so many people have great success stories. This is the  real deal. This is not a diet. This is a lifestyle. This is my life.

One thought on “DAY 30!!! and 30 Days until NYC!!!

  1. I couldn’t be more proud of you than I am today ! I’m so happy that you’re happy ! I love you,Jess
    oxoxoxox You go girl !!!!!

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