Day 29. My Story and October Plan

I decided before I got into writing this post that I wanted to read through all my post from the day I started the whole30. I hardly ever go back and read old post I wrote and it was a nice exercise to remember certain moments and feelings and could tell how I was feeling through my writing. Well I’m a believer in the whole30. It’s been quite a journey, but it sure did go by fast! As the whole30 suggest, I’m going to share my story with you and let you know about my future plans.

My Life Before the Whole30…
I decided to get my health and weight under control in December of last year. It started when a few friends at work challenged me to a 15 day juice cleanse in order to prepare for all the holiday treats/parties. It was that 15 days that changed my life. I was blinded before that with out unhealthy I really was. I was out of shape, had put on about 30 extra pounds, was eating horribly and drinking way to often. I really had no idea this had happened and it was during that juice cleanse that I was able to open my eyes. I lost around 35lbs, my body and mind changed. I was excited by these changes and decided to keep it up. I decided to go vegetarian with small amounts of fish on occasion. I kept juicing every day for months and eating a very nutritious, mostly plant diet. I also signed up to run in the NYC marathon and started my journey of training and getting marathon ready. By the time summer approached, I really had things under control. I was working out regularly, eating really healthy and people had noticed how much I had changed. During the summer, I slacked off. Drinking more, eating out a lot, not focusing as much on clean eating. my runs were suffering and I was feeling like my routine was completely off. I put back on a few pounds and realized that through the last 6 months I was doing a good job at just maintaining, but not really making a difference.

This is how I found the whole30…
After thoroughly enjoying my birthday week and the end of summer. I knew it was crunch time to training for the marathon at the beginning of the September and knew it was time to get focused with only 3 months left to go. My boss and a few of the other runners were also looking for something to get them back on track. We considered another juice cleanse, but knew it would be impossible to do a juice cleanse while running. That’s when I stumbled upon the whole30 through one of the many fitness inspirations I follow on instagram. Someone had posted a picture that they were starting it and I got intrigued so I went on the website read through the basics and decided it was the perfect thing we needed to do to in preparation for the marathon and to get back into a routine. I sent all the info to my boss and other co-workers, we bought the book and decided to do it.

During My Whole30 Experience…
I found my passion for cooking again. I’ve learned how to meal plan and doing weekly grocery shopping. I’ve cooked a ton of new recipes and played with new seasoning blends. I’ve learned a lot about food, fitness, nutrition. I’ve been able to extend my network of food blogs I follow and share my experience with other fellow whole30er’s. I’ve cooked 95% of my meals. I struggled through cravings, sugar demons, SWYPO foods, felt the magic, learned how to snack less, eat 3 times a day. My workouts and runs have gotten stronger. I’m sleeping through the whole night. Though I have no idea if I’ve dropped weight or gained weight, my body has gone through some transformations. I have muscle in my abs that I’ve been trying to get for a year now and haven’t even been doing that many ab work outs to get them. They just appeared one morning. I’ve become fat-adapted. I can enjoy meat again now that I know understand what I need to be healthy.

Now That I’ve Finished My Whole30…
I will continue to cook 95% of my meals at home. I will continue to work out 5-6 days a week. I will continue to look good and feel good every day. I will continue to eat clean. I now understand what my body wants and needs to be healthy and I can maintain that every day. I have exactly 1 month until the marathon and have decided it’s no time to stop all of this good feeling and even tempt myself with failure and cycling back into my old ways. I’m going to stay strictly paleo until Nov. 4th when I cross the finish line. I won’t be as strict as the whole30 because I’m really excited about pumpkin pancakes, but I was continue to eat no gluten/grains, no dairy and no processed sugars. I decided to join healthy 365 Aquatober Challenge of just drinking water and decaf tea and also joined Kate’s 30 day Fitness Challenge. Between these 3 things I should be able to stay focused and be the healthiest, happiest, best I can be when I run my first marathon.

After the marathon, I will have 60 full days of clean eating, sober lifestyle and I know that will be enough time to keep a balanced healthy lifestyle of cooking mostly at home, exercising regularly and being able to enjoy the company of friends and going out occasionally. I’m excited for this day, but I’m also really excited for my next 30 days of challenges.

Since tomorrow is my official day 30 I plan on sharing my photos of my journey and also my measurement changes. I wanted to do that at least once before the marathon and I think it would be good to know and then I’ll weigh in again after the marathon to see how my 30 extra days of challenges impacted me further.


6 thoughts on “Day 29. My Story and October Plan

    • The juice cleanse is nice if your looking to really cleanse and reboot, but I preferred the whole30 because it didn’t feel like a diet I was on and then would have to back to eating “normal” food. I plan on staying paleo until the marathon and by then I know this will be even easier as a lifestyle choice. Thank you! Good luck on your last few days left. Let me know how it goes!

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