KEEP CALM on Day 18.


I think I needed to read this today. I’m calm today and have had a pretty good day, but I’m getting a little overwhelmed thinking about the next 3 days. It’s been really easy for me to stay whole30 when I cook all my meals and I rarely leave the house except to go to work, the gym, running or church. This weekend is a different story and in a perfect world all my meals would be prepped and planned out so I could easily have things to eat. This isn’t a perfect world though and I’m a busy girl and haven’t had time. I’ve turned my Friday nights into my weekly grocery shopping meal planning that way I can prep everything over the weekend and be set for the week to come.

Instead, I have plans to go to dinner with my dad and to see Memphis at the 5th ave theatre. Which should be very exciting, but eating out sounds like a horrible chore to find foods I can have and being around a lot of unnecessary temptations. KEEP CALM.

Tomorrow Morning, I’m scheduled to run 18 miles in my training for NYC Marathon, which is kind of an important one as we are getting down to the last few weeks and I haven’t ran more than 14 so far in my training. KEEP CALM.

After my run, it’s my girlfriends birthday and we are going out to lunch with 23 girls, I don’t think I need to talk about how many temptations and how hard this is going to be. KEEP CALM.

After lunch, my boyfriend and I are driving out the to eastern wa to see Jason Mraz at the gorge. I have been waiting for this concert to come for about 4 months now and I’m really excited. Just stressed I’m not going to have enough time to pack dinner for myself and being that it’s going to be such a late night since we are driving back the same day, I’m sure I’ll get hungry again before I go to sleep so another meal to think about. KEEP CALM.

Sunday, I have a friends baby shower to attend. Baby showers = food I can’t have. Another meal to plan. KEEP CALM.

After the shower I’m volunteering in the nursey at my church which is right at dinner hour so another conflict. KEEP CALM.

Writing all this down makes me need to KEEP CALM. It’s funny how all of these events will also involve a lot of booze which usually I’d be bum I’d missing out on, but it’s the furthest thing from my mind. My biggest worry is not having food around me that I can eat and getting really hungry. I’m going to do my best to prep as much as I can tomorrow morning before my run and then again on Sunday morning before the baby shower.

As far as an update from the last couple of days, tiger blood is still in full affect. But I also am fully aware of my emotional side. If something upset me, I feel it in my whole body. It’s probably the most raw and real emotions I’ve felt in awhile. Hormones are weird. I’ve also been eating more I think? And today I was full from breakfast, but didn’t want to meet my noon hour lunch and mess up the rest of my day so I ate anyways and now I’m still feeling that too full feeling. Hopefully it’ll be better by 6, but also nice so I’m not as tempted with restaurant food for dinner.

Any whole30’ers out there that have had really busy weekend they’ve needed to get through and could shed some light? How about 1st time marathon runners that have ran 18 miles for the first time, I’m nervous.

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