Its Thursday? and day 10

I thought it was Thursday all day yesterday so as you can imagine, today has felt like Friday. It’s Thursday though, I have to keep reminding myself of that. I’ve been on track with my work-out routine I’ve set up for myself and this whole30 program is getting easier and easier each day.

This morning I only ran 4 miles instead of 6. It’s crazy how much harder it is to get out of bed if I don’t get to bed early enough. Last night I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 12:30, partly because I worked late and did a 7pm core class :). My boyfriend went golfing so by the time we both got home and was eating dinner it was almost 9pm. I found myself hitting the snooze to all 4 of my alarms this morning and not getting out of bed until 6:30am which meant I had to start my run later and didn’t have time for the extra 2 miles.

I have been so bad at taking photos! I’m usually so excited or hungry by the time I eat that I just start eating before I think to take a photo. I need to get better because I want to share my recipes and photos with you guys. I think I mentioned I just got a copy of the practical paleo cookbook and I’M IN LOVE.

Two nights ago, I made mustard glazed chicken thighs, roasted organic teardrop tomatoes and candied carrots from the book and everything was so delicious! Last night was leftovers plus a little piece of salmon I had to cook. For breakfast this morning I had sweet potatoes with scrambled eggs, cilantro pesto, onion, and mushroom. Not sure what was different about today, but it was my favorite breakfast yet.

I’m getting so excited about everything Paleo and everything I’m learning to cook. This weekend I’m going to make the best chicken ever recipe from theclothesmakethegirl, I’m really loving her blog! Tomorrow I’m going to make “Spaghetti” with spaghetti squash and homemade tomato and veggie sauce. And I’ve been craving tacos bad so I’m going to make my version of lettuce wrapped tacos minus the cheese and sour cream. Hopefully i’ll remember my camera this weekend!

I know I said tomorrow was a 4 mile run day, but it’s technically a rest day on my NYC marathon plan and I’m not feeling another cold morning run. I’m planning on working on strength training. My legs have been feeling weak so I think I need to give them some extra focus in the gym.

And it finally is Thursday night. My favorite night of the week. It’s date night for me and my best friend! She gets kicked out of her house every thursday because her parents have “date night” so we decided it would be our date night. And we have slowly been trying to get through the whole dawson’s creek serious. I get to cook “paleo” for her tonight while we catch up on our week’s gossoip, make sure green bay is kicking butt and watch dawson’s creek. 🙂


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