Marathon Training and Day 8

I just realized that this week begins week 16 of my marathon training! Only 7 more week until the NYC Marathon. It’s unbelievable how quick that is going to sneak up on me. I have been consumed with this Whole30 Challenge that I haven’t been focusing as much on my running and it’s time to refocus my attention. After all, I decided to do the whole30 to get me back on track and ready for the marathon. One thing is for sure I feel amazing. My work-outs and runs since I started this challenge have been really good. Missing my long run on Saturday definitely through me off track on a week that I was so ready to be back on track with everything, but that is no reason to lose motivation. I’m going to lay out my plan for the week to hold myself accountable and hopefully have other fellow runners support as I enter the the final stages of training.

Tuesday: Strength Training first thing in the AM (did it and it felt great)
Wednesday: 6 Miles first thing in the AM, Strength and Core training after work
Thursday: 6 Miles first thing in the AM
Friday: 4 Miles first thing in the AM
Saturday: 12-14 Miles first thing in the AM, decide my route by thursday evening and hold myself accountable for getting up and getting it done.
Sunday: Rest

As far as the whole30 goes, today has been the best day so far. Energy level is up, slept really good, no crazy dreams. Work-out this morning was really good. I’ve been full all day, no cravings at all!

On day 6, I learned about the sugar-burner vs. fat-adapted and it’s the first day that I really felt like this program was for-real and that I was learning something that was actually really true. I’m so anxious for the days to come and to see how much more I learn and feel.

Sugar Burner = Energy roller coaster; “needing” to eat every two hours; cranky when you’re hungry; regular cravings for sweets or caffeine; dysfunctional hormonal response to food.

Fat Adapted = Even energy all throughout the day; no need to eat between meals; stuck without food — no crankiness or raging hunger; reduced cravings for sweets or caffeine; improved body composition and hormonal response to food.

I think I’m finally starting to feel Fat Adapted. 🙂 By the way, one of the rules of this is not being able to weigh yourself. And since I’m definitely known for over-weighing myself it’s been a bit of challenge. Instead I’m taking photos and I’ve already decided why should you need to weigh yourself if your feeling good and healthy? Since health is not about the number on the scale. At the end of this I’ll share photos of my progress and see how my body and mind transforms through this.

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