Day 4 Whole 30 and how to survive the weekend

Even though I’m technically on day 4, I feel like I’m tracking more with Day 5. I think it’s because I didn’t start Monday because of the 4 hour drive home from Long Beach and no possibly way to figure out what to eat for breakfast+hangover. I read the book most of the way home though and by the time I was home I was completely on board with my whole30 and started it that evening with my first meal. So my body and mind feel like i’m on day 5 when i guess reality is that i’m on day 4 1/2? Anyways.. Day 4 is good. Cravings are minimal, not as hungry as I was yesterday. Been able to maintain my energy, didn’t experience the 3pm blues like I have the last few days. No real complaints.

Only thing I can say, is this whole30 is consuming me! It’s all I think about, which isn’t really out of the norm for me as I tend to overly obsess when I start something new. My boss brought in the Practical Paleo book he just bought and I spent some time going through it and grabbing different recipes and ideas from breakfast and dinner. I created a meal plan for the week and a grocery list and am super excited to share some of the recipes. My plan is to get everything I need tonight and plan out my meals for the week and start prepping/cooking. It’s a lot of work to do everything the night of plus the gym so as much as I can do ahead of time this weekend I’m going to do.

It’s going to be another hot weekend here. My day tomorrow looks like a 16 mile run+paddle boarding or hiking, depending on how my legs feel. Sunday is a church day with working in the nursey with my best friend and then service with my grandma and lunch for her birthday. The rest of the day will be prepping/planning food and chores around the house.

Since I won’t be very social this weekend I don’t think I’ll have any problems surviving whole30, but incase anyone else needs some pointers. Here is a list of ways to survive social weekends on the whole30 from the daily email.

  • Bring your own food or eat before you go. If socializing, rather than the food itself, is your priority, your snack or pre-meal doesn’t have to be the world’s greatest. It just needs to be nutritional duct tape to help you navigate the experience.
  • Order club soda. Immediately. Get a glass into your hand. Now. Walk up to the bartender and request a large club soda with two slices of lime and a few olives. Now you a) look like everyone else in the room with a glass in your hand; b) have a drink that appears to be a cocktail to stave off inquisitive friends who want to know why you’re not drinking; c) can enjoy a refreshing drink that’s not just a boring glass of water.
  • Enlist helpers and enjoy yourself. Tell your family and friends that you are sticking to your Whole30, which is why you’re not drinking the beer or eating the nachos. They might heckle you a little, but they will also probably encourage you. Don’t be shy about creating an army of support.
  • Eat when you get home. Congratulations! You stuck to your guns. Now celebrate a little. Make sure you have one of your favorite snacks waiting for you when you get home. Eat up. Then put on your PJs, snuggle in tight, and sleep the sleep of the righteous, knowing you’re going to wake up feeling healthy and strong.

2 thoughts on “Day 4 Whole 30 and how to survive the weekend

    • Yes, I am. My last long run was on Saturday, August 11th when I did 14 miles and then the next weekend I did a total of 15 miles between sat/sun after that I got busy with end of the summer vacation plans. 😦 Last weekend I was suppose to run 16 miles, but I couldn’t get motivated to do it. I’m still kicking myself for it, cause I’m getting nervous as the time goes by faster and faster. I haven’t skipping any of my weekly runs so I’m still feeling good about that. I’m dedicated now, only 2 months left.. scary! How has your training been going?

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