It starts with Food

So this lovely book arrived the other day and it’s the exact motivation I needed to start my 30 day challenge. Here is where I need to be honest though. I really want to start this tomorrow. I love starting something on the 1st and since it’s 30 days its perfect to end it the last day of September. BUT it’s labor day weekend and I’m going camping! It just seems more likely that starting it on Monday when I get back will just work better. Starting tomorrow though I have a whole30 state of mind. It will be my focus and I will try and stick to it the best I can meaning not having something I shouldn’t just because it’s there. Stick to snacky on healthy fruits and vegetables VS crackers and chips. I also plan on finishing the book by the time I’m done camping and doing doing my week 1 grocery shopping on Monday so I’ll be ready to start!

I plan on daily meals, moods, moments, feelings along the way. If it works like the book says it should notice a huge exciting change that I will want to share about. I’m doing this for me and way to have a record of how it went. I wish I had more than my memory to rely on when I did the juice cleanse cause I know I had so many ups and downs. And maybe just maybe i’ll be able to inspire a few people along the way. 🙂

By the way.. My birthday was FANTASTIC. Turning 25 has been the best birthday yet. I’ve enjoyed it all week long, but have been a bad girl living like i’m on vacation from working out and eating right. That is why after this weekend it’s bye bye social life and hello running shoes, gym and clean eating. It’s only 30 days.. and even scarier it’s on 72 days until the NYC Marathon! Yikes!!!!

Have a great Labor day weekend all.. I’ll see you guys Monday with day one of WHOLE30!

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