Made it through the weekend… Barely!

It’s monday already.. what a weekend!

Friday night I baby’d my foot, lots of ice, foam rolling and massage. I wanted to get to bed early for the run on saturday, but I couldnt sleep. I tossed and turned for most of the night and ended up only getting a couple of hours sleep.

Saturday..race day! I was sleepy, but had an hour drive to Woodinville so plenty of time to wake up and get ready for the race. I showed up about 45mins early, was able to stretch and get ready for the race. Well I beat my goal for the race, but I’m not totally happy about it because I could have done so much better. I started WAY TO FAST.. was keeping up with the top 3 females until about mile 3 at a 6 min mile! I realized I was going to fast and slowed way down. I was mad at myself at that point because people were starting to pass me and I knew I might be screwed for starting so fast. I was praying I wouldn’t hit a wall. I’ve read so many articles about “bonking” and not being able to finish because they start out too fast. I experienced that at mile 4. I’m not sure what happened and I still am doing research to figure it out. I got the worst side ache on my right side. Right under my rib.. it still hurts too touch and after I eat I can notice it. I tried so hard to push through it, but a little into the 4 miles it became unbearable. I stopped and bent over for about 10-15 seconds, just long enough to catch my breath and tell myself you can do it. I didn’t want any of my co workers to catch up with me so it was just the motivation I needed to finish. I got through the rest of the race at about 7:30 pace and finished in 48:52! beat my last time by a whole 5 mins.. if only I wouldnt have “bonked” i probably could have finished in 47. By the way those girls I was trying to keep up with finished in 39 and 40 mins.. SO FAST! Such an inspiration! For the rest of the day I enjoyed a nice wedding and reception. Accidentally caught the bouquet.. not sure what that’s telling me 😉

Here’s a couple cute pics from the wedding.

Sunday.. Was the day of the SUPER CHALLENGE.. 9 miles total with 5 challenges along the way. These were hard challenges including: push ups, burpees, mountain climbers, abs, kick boxing, etc. By the time I crossed the finish line I was starving and exhausted. I spent the rest of the afternoon floating down the snoqualmie river.

It was a great, but totally exhausting weekend.

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