working hard and playing hard.

So I skipped my thursday run because my foot was still not ready and opted for just doing bodypump. I pushed myself and did more weight than I normally do though and it felt great. I can tell that I’m getting stronger. My legs didnt get as tired in squats and I almost made it through the entire bicep track without stopping! By the way not going to go into details, but I did “legs & calves” on wednesday night and I have never ever done used any of the machines at my gym and lets just say it was comical to say the least. Couldn’t figure out the right weights to use and didn’t feel like I was doing anything. Finally gave up, talked to one of the trainers so i’ll know what to do next time and opted for abs instead.

Last night after bodypump I spent the majority of my evening rolling out my foot with a tennis ball, cold beer can, icing it and then finished with my man giving me a deep tissue massage which hurt like hell, but really broke through some of the scar tissue. It felt pretty good when I woke up this morning so I decided to go for a “practice” run of 3 miles since I have to races this weekend. I kept a pretty fast pace for all 3 miles.. averages about 8mins, last mile doing in 6. My foot felt good for the first 2 miles and then really started to hurt during the last mile. So again tonight I’ll be repeating last nights activities and then praying and hoping I can get through the Covey 10k race tomorrow.

I signed up for 2 races this weekend. The Covey 10k and The Rac to Redhook Super Challenge. I’m super excited for both, but also super nervous my foot won’t corporate. The 10k tomorrow is a super flat course and I really wanted to push myself and see if I couldnt get my best time yet. My last 10k I ran in 53 mins and puked at the finish line so even if I could finish in 53mins and not puke at the finish line that would be doing better than the last time. The rac to redhook super challenge should be a run way to challenge myself. it’s 4.5miles one way and then you meet up with the rest of the group and run the same route back only with challenges at every mile. So I won’t be timing myself for this run, more just challenging my body and strength.

On top of both the races I have a wedding to go to and a river floating trip for a friends birthday. It’s going to be a fun/hot/busy weekend! Hopefully I remember to hydrate!

Wish me luck, i’m going to need it! 🙂

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