my weekend and weight training

I can’t believe it’s tuesday already! Where did the weekend go.. I feel like this is how the rest of my summer is going to go, super fast!

On Saturday I mapped out a 14 mile run from factoria to seattle, but did my calculations wrong because it ended up being 16 miles. It was the prettiest run i’ve done so far and exhilarating to run over the bridge. I stopped running at 14.5 though and walked the rest of the way back to my car. My knee was really starting to bother me and it was about 85 out and I was tired. After my run I had to hussel to the paddle board yoga class I signed up for. I don’t recommend doing it right after a long run. My legs were like jello and I had a hard time standing on my board so I had to sit and paddle myself most of the way. The yoga part of it was awesome! challenging, relaxing, fun.. There is no better feeling than being out on the water with the seals and boats and train traffic in the background. I absolutely loved it and wish it was something I could do every morning. And boy does it challenge your balance. I don’t think i was a fair example since I couldn’t get my legs to stop shaking. Next time I’ll do it without running and will hopefully get better results.

I started researching weight training more because I’ve really wanted to kick up my work outs and lift more weights, but I get so uncomfortable on that side of the gym which is why i also stick to bodypump. Starting last thursday though I took the plunge and it’s been so rewarding and fun! Here’s a little bit of what my workouts have looked like the past week.

Friday – Chest,Triceps & Abs
3 sets of 12 each
wide pushups
dumbbell bench presses
flat bench cable flys
narrow pushups
overhead tricep extensions
tricep pushdowns
washboard abs from this fancy lady 🙂
2 mile run on the treadmill to cool down

Saturday –
16 mile run (14.5 run, 1.5 walk)
SUP Yoga

Sunday – Back, Biceps, & Abs
3 sets of 12 each
wide grip lateral pulldowns
one arm dumbell row
seated cable row
underhand cable pull down
alternating dumbbell curl
one arm dumbbell preacher curl
standing bicep bar curl
washboard abs
4 mile run

Monday –
Bodypump – Okay, need to talk about this for a minute. I’ve been doing bodypump for a few months now and know my usual weights and don’t usually struggle with any sets until I get to biceps and shoulders, but for some reason last night I couldn’t get it together. I was a shaky mess through all 10 sets. I wanted to quit so bad and did a few times in the middle of sets. I left the gym feeling pretty bummed and let down. What do I need to do differently? I wasn’t sore at all from the previous workouts so I didn’t think that was it.. maybe just exhaustion? If anyone has any advice, I’d really appreciate it.

Today –
6 mile run this morning
it’s supposed to be leg & calves day according to the program i’m following, but I haven’t decided if I’m going to go or not. It’s already 6 and I still need to make dinner and do laundry so I skip tonight and do it tomorrow after work.

If anyone out there has a good workout program they follow I’d love to hear about it. I’m just now getting the hang out the different muscles to work and exercises to do and would welcome any feedback. I’ll keep posting my workouts and food to see if you guys can gain anything from me or offer any advice. I’ll try not to get so far behind either so it’s not so much catching up to do on this blog 🙂

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