back on track!

Taking the weekend off for watershed at the gorge, turned into taking monday-wednesday off too. And not because I didn’t want to run/workout, but because i was stuck with obligations both evenings and couldn’t get up early enough to do it in the AM. By Wednesday night I was feeling awful! I felt fat, uncomfortable, lazy, upset, depressed, nasty.. really a mixture of A LOT of negative feelings. It didn’t help that I indulged a little too much on those days off and couldn’t even enjoy the cheat since i wasn’t making up for it with my workouts.

I woke up early yesterday and busted out a slow 6 mile run.. taking a full week off is a terrible idea! By mile 5 I was feeling good though and wished I had more time before work to run longer. I’m back to only eating fruits and veggies until my stomach regulates itself from all the abuse of gluten the last few days. I started my morning with a bag of grapes and a peach. For lunch I had zucchini, squash, cauliflower and spinach all sautéed in a little water. For my pre-weights work out I had some raw spinach with snap peas, radishes, english peas, avocado with a little lemon and sriracha. For dinner I had a banana and a very green smoothie. I’m calling it very green because it was sure healthy, but not very tasty. I only cheated once with one small handful of trail mix and a little chocolate bite that came with my full circle order this week.I did bodypump last night for my gym workout and really tried to push myself for missing so many days.. i was a shaky mess through some of the sets, but it felt good. Was hoping i’d be more sore today, but still think I got a pretty good workout. I am planning on running 4-5 miles tonight and then hitting the gym for some arms, back and shoulders and definitely abs.

I have a scheduled 14 mile run tomorrow, which I know will be hard since my last long run was 2 weekends ago, but i’ll take it slow and hope to at least finish it. What i’m really excited for is after my run I signed up for a WASUP YOGA class! We will be taking the paddle boards out on the puget sound in ballard for 3 hours of paddling and yoga. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hoping to do a small run or active cardio on sunday after church and then back on the complete run/workout schedule next week. I want to be able to have fun and balance working out and eating healthy, but when i’m only having fun it’s a terrible feeling for my body and mind.

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