Happy Birthday Little Sister…












My little sister would have been 22 years old today and I know she would have just been the most beautiful and smart young woman. I lost my little sister when she was 12 years old and every year on her birthday it’s very bitter sweet. We miss her like crazy and it’s hard having another year go by where we don’t get to see her grow, but my family has grown so close through this and I truly believe I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Sami. Every year we get together and do something to celebrate and remember her. This year we decided to BBQ at my mom’s house and just hang out as a family. I’m not sure what was different this year, but for the first time in the 10 years we all felt really good. Today we remembered all the good and we were happy to be together as a family. I can’t even begin to explain how nice it was for my parents to show me how proud they are of me. I know that my life wouldn’t be the way it is today if it wasn’t for Sami and its what keeps me positive and happy every day. I have a guardian angel looking down on me every day and is shaping me into the woman I am today and I’m so grateful for that.

My day started off with a 10 mile run and my dad decided to map out the best route around west seattle and alki that included hills and stairs. He road along side me on his harley and was at every turn so I would know where to go and provided me with water whenever I needed it. It makes a world of difference to know there is someone there supporting you at every mile when your distance running. I never once wanted to give up this morning and I ended up finishing with my best time yet. He mapped the route perfectly to end the 10 miles at this little restaurant called Meander’s. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall diner with the best breakfast, they strive on having fresh and local ingredients and might be one of the best known secrets on the west side. My dad and I shared a scramble with spinach, mushrooms, onions and goat cheese with a side of fruit and WHOLE wheat bread served with the best jam I’ve ever had. If I wasn’t so tired from my run I would have taken a picture. After breakfast we went to the street fair and picked up some fresh king salmon for the bbq at my mom’s.
















The BBQ was perfect. Salmon was so delicious! I think I’ve finally mastered cooking Salmon on the grill. We had the salmon with a broccoli salad and homemade lemon meringue pie! Ummm.. Cheat Day?! Ran 10 miles and deserve it?! Yes!! Finding the balance right?! As a traditional we also picked up my sisters favorite ice cream cake from baskin robins (mint choc chip ice cream/vanilla cake), been doing it for some long it would feel weird not too so had to have a small piece of that too.

After dinner I road with my dad out to black diamond where we have a peach tree for my sister and planted new flowers. It’s a tradition for my dad and I was happy to join him this year.

Ended the night with a movie with my mom. Such a great day and relaxing evening. I’m so exhausted now I know I can not wait for sleep. Tomorrow I’m planning on hiking with my best friend, but with how sore my legs are now we will have to see how they are holding up in the morning.

Happy Birthday Samantha Rose Scannell
…may you forever be my guardian angel until we meet again….
July 14, 1990 – January 27th, 2003

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Little Sister…

  1. Jessika – First of all I absolutely love your blog! It is so well written and inspirational, add me to the list of people who are proud of you. You have come a long way from the 3 year old I met in a tie dyed t-shirt! This blog in particular brought me to tears. I know how much you and your family must miss Sami, she was a very special girl, but I know just like you said she is a guardian angel looking over all of you! I know she would be proud of you as well. Just wanted you to know I really appreciate your writing it is causing me to re-focus my life and the way I have been living. Keep up the good work, you have another fan in your corner!

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