Friday the 13th

It’s Friday! For those who are superstitious it’s also the 13th of July! I’ve never been superstitious, but this day has always stuck out to me. Maybe it’s because of the movies, I’m not sure. I found some fun facts when I was searching the web earlier. This year we’ve had three Friday the 13th’s, this won’t happen again until 2040! I will be 52 then, wow that’s crazy to think about. That’s my mom’s age.. I hope I’m a really good mom to a 24 year old then lol 🙂

The past two weeks have felt really off for me. I’m feel like I keep cheating my diet and that I’m not sticking to my exercise plan. I’m struggling with finding the balance in life. My marathon training is going really good, but I feel like I’ve been slacking on my workouts besides running and I’ll eat really good all day and then go and have a waffle (only once) for dinner! It’s a constant struggle between the good and bad I’ve noticed. I think I’ve talked about this before, but for me I really need to have a routine and stick to it and then everything seems to work out, its when I get off the routine that I struggle.

Today, I started the day with a juice and 24oz of water with lemon.

For lunch I had a spinach salad with beets, carrots, peas, mushrooms, avocado, celery, sunflower seeds and a little balsamic vinegar. I also had a little steamed cabbage and broccoli. I drank another 24oz bottle of water before lunch. Drinking water before each meal is very important, I challenge those who dont to give it a try. Our pastry chef is on a vegan diet so she brought up chocolate vegan(GF) cupcakes for us to try, I know they aren’t any healthier than regular cupcakes, but they sure are delicious and I feel like I’m not cheating my gluten free diet at all when I eat them, so I had 2. 🙂

It’s harder to eat healthy after work, especially with how hot it’s been. The last thing I want to do is cook in my hot kitchen so I usually want to eat out. Monday it was sushi, Tuesday it was tofu & veggies from the teriyaki place down the street from my house, Wednesday was a waffle with peanut butter and syrup at my buddies house (he made fried chicken and waffles for dinner, hard to pass up, did good not eating the chicken though), thursday was a bbq veggie burger with coleslaw and baked beans! and tonight I’m craving veggies fajitas from my favorite mexican place. I’m going to try and resist and cook up my own veggies, we’ll see how I do!

Hope everyone enjoys there friday! its laundry for me tonight, 10 mile run in the morning followed by a bbq with my family and a friends bday tomorrow night. sunday i’m hiking with my best friend. can’t wait to share my weekend and hopefully lots of pictures of the hike on monday!

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