sun, running, & happiness

It’s been so nice here in seattle, it’s hard to believe that Seattle might actually have a decent summer. I always try and take complete advantage of it because you never know when the dark stormy clouds are going to roll back in.

I’m not sure about you guys, but I also seem to struggle more with eating right, exercise and booze in the summer time. Probably because going to bbq’s, day drinking and pool parties become the everyday norm. I ran 10 miles on saturday morning and then headed to the beach to relax in the sun, but I couldn’t shake this feeling of unhappiness the entire day. My body wasn’t feeling good like it usually does after a long run. I felt like instead of feeling all the hard work of exercise and eating healthy for months all I could feel was the bad eating habits and booze I had been enjoying the last few days. I’ve noticed that it is so hard to find a healthy balance between enjoying a night out on the town and eating right. I think that’s why I avoided it for so many months. I don’t have celiacs, but I have an intolerance to gluten and I try to avoid most things I know dont make me feel good, but for some reason giving up english muffins with peanut butter just seemed impossible. And I am pretty good at tricking myself that it doesn’t make me feel sick when I really want it. (I do it with cookies too). I realized though on Sunday that if I want to have balance between the fun and the fitness I can still do that as long as I remember to stay away from the things that actually make me feel sick and to have balance between the two.

I decided I need to add more work out routines to my schedule. I was getting comfortable just having to run, but that isn’t keeping me tone and I didn’t work this hard to lose it when it’s actually bikini season! I’m back to doing body pump 2-3x a week, either a core class or washboard abs routine 4x a week, plus my daily runs and once a week hot yoga. If I can keep that up then I think I can feel better about enjoying the bbq’s, pool parties and occasional day drinking 🙂

I started my morning with washboard abs, now i’m headed for a 4 mile run outside with my dog and possible hot yoga class after, depending how much the heat wears me down on my run.

Happy Tuesday! We work hard so we can play hard without the guilt.

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