I’m sorry for all the post the last few minutes! I just learned how to categorize my post and so I wanted to move a few things around so the post are easier to find. I apologize if they are post you’ve already read though šŸ™‚

What a beautiful day! This morning I got to do my first morning run in my shorts. I was very excited. Before my run I ate a banana and drank 20oz of water (for the hydrateinjuly challenge), after my run I drank another 20oz of water and ate an english muffing with peanut butter and honey. For lunch I ate the watermelon from the above picture and a salad from my restaurant. I’ve been using the water bottle my Foodie Pen Pal gave me to help me drink 120oz of water for the july water challenge. I’ve got about 60oz to go, I just can’t stop peeing! I don’t think the watermelon helped that either.

This weekend plans: I have a scheduled 10 mile run in the morning after bodypump, thinking about doing it around alki beach and then joining in on the pirate festivities after. Sunday it’s supposed to 80 so I’m thinking either a nice hike or possibly paddle boarding.

enjoy your weekends and drink lots of water šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. To make sure you are getting the right amount of hydration you’re supposed to divide your weight, in lbs., in 1/2=amount of oz. of water needed for proper hydration. Watermelon and all other fruits and veggies count too, since they are high in fluid. It’s not ONLY water that counts in those o.z.’s but all fluid consumed. Too much water can rob your system of important flora in the colon and it throws off your electrolytes and can actually DEhydrate your body too. Being IN the water, paddle boarding or swimming is really good for drawing water out of your body–releases excess fluid if you have it…..just thought I’d send an FYI your way today. I enjoy reading your blog. Love you,Auntie Leanne

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