10 Goals for July… Plus Some Fun Food.

I can’t believe it’s almost July.. I don’t feel ready for summer at all.. it might be because I’m still wearing scarves and boots (thanks seattle weather) or the fact that I have no camping trips or plans for the 4th!

Last year this was a very weird time of my life. I had realized that my 3 year relationship with the guy I was living with was coming to an end. He was my best friend and we shared so much together including our amazing pup and I knew he was very clueless that I was very much falling out of love with him. I couldn’t admit it to anyone, was having a hard time even admitting it to myself. My best friend had just ended her year long relationship and came to live with us while she was looking for a place so I focused all my time on helping her through the break up so I wouldn’t have to deal with my situation, which meant a lot of drinking. I forced him to go on as many camping trips without me as he could as to avoid the enviable as long as I could. Especially since we had a trip to Hawaii planned at the end of the summer for a wedding. My drinking/partying also lead to eating whatever I wanted, not exercising at all and ultimately my most unhealthiest low. We did finally break up on my birthday in August, bad timing, I know! I blame myself for that though since I obviously couldn’t keep hiding my feelings and he eventually caught on.

I bring this all up because it was this journey and the journey of being newly single that lead me to finding love for myself and a path to a healthy, mindful self. I truly believe that we have to experience moments in our lives that bring us to the next. And if I needed to not care about myself, my health or the way I felt to lead to the moment I feel right now then it was worth it. So too make sure nothing gets me off track this summer I have created 10 goals for July.

1. Drink More Water
2. Run 115 miles
3. Eat NO Meat – occasional seafood is okay 🙂
4. Eat NO Gluten
5. Do Yoga at least once a week
6. Eat More Fruits & Veggies
7. Eat Less Sugar & Processed Foods
8. Have Vegan Mind-Set
9. Try 3 New Hikes



I don’t think my goals are too hard to hold myself too, but if I cheat, you’ll be the first to know. We can have a recap at the end of July.. hopefully by then it’ll feel like summer 🙂

On to a more fun topic.. food! I haven’t posted much about food lately, because well I haven’t been cooking.

Dinner last night was too good not to share!
Quinoa & Veggies
1 cup cooked quinoa
handful of Raw Spinach
Onion, Garlic, Zucchini, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, Rainbow Chard all sautéed together with a little coconut oil
steamed broccoli
Corn on the cob
Green Onion


What I did:
cooked the quinoa in my rice cooker
boiled the corn for 10 mins
steamed the broccoli for 4 mins
sauteed the garlic, onion, green pepper and zucchini in coconut oil until almost done
added the rainbow chard and mushrooms, mixing together until cooked
Added cooked quinoa to veggies
Put all cooked ingredients over a bowl of raw spinach
added chopped avocado, green onions, and little drizzle of sriracha

Breakfast this morning: GF Oatmeal with dried fruit, walnuts and almond milk







Lunch: Tahini Broccoli Cashew Salad (gf, vegan) from Flying Apron. I will learn how to make this and eat it all the time, it was soo good!!!






Do you have set up monthly goals or summer goals? I’d love to hear about them.

Weekend plans:
relax today.
body pump, 7 mile run and hang out with a friend i haven’t seen in forever tomorrow.
church, mariners vs red soxs with my honey, relax sunday.

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