4 miles tomorrow. I can do it. 4 miles and I can reward myself with hot yoga after work. Stretch my limbs, calm my soul, motivate myself for 3 miles on thursday. 1 mile swim friday morning followed by hot yoga where I can prepare and motivate myself for 10 miles on sunday.

There are some days that I can’t wait to run and my motivation is high. Today is not one of those days. My knee aches, if I sit too long it feels like I’ll need oil to get moving again (like tinman from the wizard of oz). Its days like this that I want to throw in the towel. I’m using some of my favorite classes as motivation though. I love hot yoga and it feels 10x better after a run so no run no hot yoga.

I get to watch my best friend graduate from Eastern University on Saturday and I can’t wait. I’m so proud of her and so excited for the mini road trip down to Spokane. It’s supposed to be sunny this weekend too.. there is nothing better than being in the car with the girls, listening to bad pop music with the windows down and our sunglasses on. I’ve experienced many road trips with these girls and the 5 hour drive to spokane will be no different. Come on Friday, Only 7 miles of running, 1 mile of swimming, 2 hot yoga classes and 16 hours of work until I can be in the car with the girls.

MOTIVATION! Get through the next 2 days and enjoy the sun with your best friend.

What are some ways you motivate yourself when your ready to throw in the towel?

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