so it begins

It’s Friday before memorial day weekend which I’m excited about for a couple of reasons. Memorial day weekend is always my unofficial start of the summer and labor day is the end and summer to me means longer days, bye-bye pale skin and so many outdoor activities. But this year it also means the official start of my marathon training. Training begins on Monday and Im excited and super nervous! I decided this weekend would be carefree, a sort of mini vacation and preparing my body and mind for what’s to come starting monday. I don’t have any plans or expectations just want to go with the flow and not put any pressure on myself. Though I’m sure I’ll hike or stay active somehow cause its going to be nice and I love being outdoors when it’s nice. But I also plan on eating what feels good and maybe even enjoying a few drinks.

Last night I began my yoga practice again and I’ve missed it. My body and mind feel great today and can’t wait to go again. Planning on going once a week to help stretch my limbs in between all the runs.

I think this weekend ill be baking and cooking so look forward to some fun recipes and pictures.

How do you plan on enjoying this unofficial start to summer, memorial day weekend?

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