jello knees and new shoes

Whew! What a day. I woke up this morning determined and motivated to have a good work out. So I made my Green Power Juice (recipe below) and headed to the gym for body pump. The squat and lunge tracks were harder than usual or maybe it’s because I added more weight today, but my legs were shaking when I was done! The sun was shining bright this morning when I left body pump and I had this running route in my head that I wanted to try so I finished my juice, put on my sunglasses and started to run. I’m not sure at what mile I started feeling like forrest gump, but I had great music, sun on arms and a nice pace that I just didn’t want to stop so I ran right past my stopping point and just kept going. Ran a total of 8 miles (my longest run yet!) and it felt so great. My feet hurt during the last mile so I made a pit stop on my way back to my car to footzone for some advice and ended up getting new running shoes! Which feel like slippers and I didn’t want to take them off today.

As if 8 miles weren’t enough, I decided to join a friend for a hike up Little Si this afternoon. I actually did better than I thought, my legs held up for the 5 miles round trip. 13 miles on my feet exercising in one day, I call that success! My legs are jello now though and I’m a bit concerned how they will hold up for the 5k race I signed up for tomorrow.

Yesterday I bought produce for my juices.. A LOT 🙂 Excited to try some new juices!




Saturday Green Power Juice

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